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Jan 6, 2008 11:00 AM

Silly "emergency" food runs?

Our area is being battered by storms this weekend. While I canceled most plans and opted to stay in, one of the things this crazy weather did not deter me from was to go for an "emergency" store run to get Parmesan cheese, b/c I had just run out. Then it occurred to me that perhaps this was a bit absurd-- I can go for days without milk or eggs, but as soon as I run out of Parmesan (freshly grated black pepper is almost on that list for me as well), I'm willing to brave storms to get some? Granted, this is Northern California, so "storms" means rain and not a blizzard. I'm not sure if I would brave blizzards to get Parmesan.

Do other people do this sort of thing or have a non-essential "emergency" ingredient that they are willing to brave storms or other things to get?

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  1. Ice cream!
    Of course blizzards are nothing special in NH, so they don't stop me from going pretty much anywhere, but I would be willing to make a special trip for ice cream on any day!

    1. Yesterday, I walked through pouring rain for pearl onions and Spanish green olives for the coq au vin I was making. It was worth it. I've also walked through a storm for a can of catfood, but that's different. The kitty NEEDED that food.

      1. Half & half for my coffee. (For me half & half is the point of coffee!) I once was camping in the rain & wasn't up to dealing with the conditions to make coffee. Decided to drive out & find breakfast (meaning coffee with ...). NO place had it, all any restaurant had was the fake stuff or skim milk. I drove 3 hours, until at lunch time I found a restaurant that had some only because they had purchased it for the quiche they had made earlier!
        So yes, this is the only item I have braved tropical storms & major snow storms for!

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          meatn3, i have similar feelings toward half-n-half. now, i'm never out, because harris teeter carries a shelf stable one (refridge after opening) that i can keep in my pantry.....
          it is called "special request half and half" from "farmland dairies" in new jersey.

          and....cheaper than the chilled!

          1. re: alkapal

            Alkapal, Thanks! I have seen that type milk, but never half-n-half. I'll check next time I'm in Harris Teeter.

            1. re: meatn3

              you may need to request it at your particular harris teeter.

        2. Having lived in cold country most of my life (Colorado & north), I have a stock of dry and canned goods planned out to last me up to 15 days of fair eating or 30 days of rationing, in case of "snowed in" conditions. So you would think that a few days of roughing it during storms would be no problem right?
          Nope - in the middle of an ice storm turning to heavy snow my wife turns "THOSE" eyes on me and says oh so sweetly, "I need some daikon from the Korean store".
          So off I go without a thought to pick up a single daikon.

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          1. re: hannaone

            So familiar! I am the "those eyes" side of a very simliar relationship! Must be something about Korean women who marry non-Koreans. You trap them with the food, and then control them with "those eyes"....

            We live in Montreal which has had 3 major snowstorms in the last month. If we didn't ignore the weather, we'd never go out... Anyhow, there is no such a thing as silly emergency food runs. Parmesan is important. Daikon is important. Smoked Chinese ham is important. Weather be darned...

          2. For us on the coast it is hurricane supplies.

            These usually consist of candles, beer, bread, peanut butter and jelly, and anything in a can.