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Jan 6, 2008 10:22 AM

Large Group Dinner w/Vegetarians... on Saturday

Please help! We are planning a birthday dinner on Saturday and have many considerations to keep everyone happy:

- party includes two vegetarians (including, importantly, the birthday girl)
- must be large group friendly as we are a party of 10
- as Saturday is the Patriots playoff game, some in our party will want to eat somewhere that has a bar area with a TV or be adjacent to a place we can go immediately after dinner to watch the game
- downtown Boston/South End or Cambridge location preferred

Does anyone out there have suggestions?? Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square? There's not a lot of variety on the menu, but you can get great salads and pizzas w/ veg or meat toppings, and I remember plasma tvs above the bar.

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      An Indian restaurant might fill the bill, if that would be OK with the group? I was at Punjab in Arlington center (not too far from Cambridge) the other day. Good Indian chow, nice interior of the restaurant, plenty of room for big groups, bar area with TV's showing football.

    2. The "coffin table" at the B-Side is great for groups of 10-12 and you can call to reserve it in advance. (That's the oddly shaped table by the door, parallel to the bar...) They have sports on tv and good vegetarian options.