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Jan 6, 2008 10:06 AM

Espresso pods - Baltimore

Anyone know where I can buy pods for my espresso machine around Baltimore? I usually order 'em online by the shipping irks me. I know, I know, I should press it down and not use pods. . .

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  1. what machine are you look for pods? Nespresso can only be bought from the company mail order or online. Others pods are available from whole foods or even starbucks.

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    1. re: imfred

      I have an Espressione Cafe Retro, which takes those little bag pods that are not machine specific.

        1. re: imfred

          indeed, that is where I usually order them from, but it irks me to pay them $10 for shipping, and (probably more importantly) I miscalculated and thought I had a box left but turns out I am almost out, so if I order online there will be several mornings where I do not have espresso, and trust me, that will not be pretty.)

    2. Williams Sonoma carries Illy pods.

      1. I have noticed Illy pods at Whole foods in Mt. Washington.