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Jan 6, 2008 09:47 AM

SF - Cigar Bar & Grill silently ringing Chowhound bells?

I was looking at the website and it has so many Chowhound requests ...

- late nite dining (till 1 am) ... and near Union Square
- happy hour
- Outdoor seating ... (ok, that's where the smoking happens, not indoors)
- live music
- pool table
- fish tacos
- hot wings
- even a cubano sandwich (sort of)

Do they have tv's? Could this possibly be a sports bar?

The tortilla chips are made fresh in-house and free during happy hour

Looking good from the menu Garlic-Herb or Harissa Fries

From the ONLY real link about it ... It closed and reopend in 2005 so any post prior to that would be null and void opinion-wise ...

"Cigar Bar was one of the first to find and successfully exploit the ownership loophole in the (smoking) statute and has had a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Through it all, including defections and ownership changes, it has remained one of the very best places to enjoy the simple pleasures of a fine cigar and beverage. I still hold that they make one of the best mojitos in the city and that their courtyard remains an oasis of serenity within the big city, esqpecially when the weather warms. They have live music on the weekends and can be a bit crowded, but they also have a good amount of space and a nice pool room in the very back.

Any thoughts about the place?

Cigar Bar & Grill
850 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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  1. I've been a few times, mainly late in the evenings as a bar-bar. They do not have televisions. I've never had the food. Often times after 9pm there is a cover charge (?!?!?!) of around $5-10. This alone make me actually upset. It's not a SF thing to have cover charge especially considering the following. Yes there is a live band featuring some kind of Spanish/ Flamenco music. But it isn't anything that makes you want to dance. I rarely see people dance and those that are are more stumbling than dancing. Then in between sets which is rather frequent there is absolutly no music! So sometimes they have a line of people to wait to get in, then pay, and then no music at all. Very few people are smoking cigars (which I can handle) and mainly are smoking cigaretts (which I can't handle).

    That may have been a negative rant but I don't think this place is anything too special. However the food sounds tempting, or maybe I just haven't have a cuban sandwich in a long time! Happy hour would be good, but certainly not late night hanging and dining. You'd be much better off at Boquadillo's a block away.

    1. I would not consider 850 Montgomery Street at all "near Union Square." It is probably a healthy 15-20 minute walk from Union Square to the Cigar Bar & Grill.

      1. Seems like another attempt to create the ultimate upscale-sorta-hip-guys-oriented-hangout-
        with-truly-decent food kinda place but with the cigar twist.

        Was that too cynical? Too bad because they have hot wings AND fish tacos on the menu and those are dead give aways. I like both but I prefer a lack of pretense and 3x prices because both are sloppy foods for sloppy places eaten by slobs for not much dough.

        1. This is a Marina bar in North Beach/FiDi. I have been to a couple of gatherings here. The place is ok in the early evening, but fills up with loud boys and girls in short skirts as the evening progresses.The service is slow and not knowledgeable. (What kind of vodka do you want in your drink? (upsell) I don't know if we have that. (clueless)).

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          1. I've been there a few times in its latest incarnation. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with food.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              You had a few positive mentions in the past. Has it changed a lot?

              1. re: rworange

                Seems about the same to me, but I've only gone there for the cigars and live Cuban music.