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Apr 21, 2001 05:42 AM

Pizzicotto -- am I missing something?

  • k

Having heard so much about this little Italian cafe in Brentwood, went their for lunch today and was very disappointed. Got the vegetarian lasagna which reminded me exactly of a dish I had at the suburban shopping plaza chain the Italian Oven out of PA which filed Ch 11 a few yrs back.

This dish was so displeasing -- the tomato sauce it was in was no more than a blend of canned tomato puree and tomato paste -- the ensuing sauce was far too pasty for a pasta. Would have made a decent pizza sauce.... Then big chunks of broccoli and cauliflower, yet no vegetables infused, blended, or finely chopped and added into the sauce.

And the bread!!! Biscuits?!! Yes, biscuits they serve with this. And not even tasty ones!

Am I missing something about this place? True, prices are very reasonable, but now I know why!!! To their benefit, they did have a decent wine list....


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  1. I've eaten there for dinner a bunch of times and always liked it. Especially for the price you pay.

    1. I agree. I always found it to be nothing more than a charming Louises.