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Jan 6, 2008 08:37 AM

Is South Street Steaks open in Bethesda yet?

I remember seeing a thread back in the fall that SSS was opening somewhere in Bethesda. Does anyone know if it's open yet? I am craving a good cheesesteak and don't want to drive all the way out to College Park. I tried to call Philadelphia Water Ice Factory to see if they're open, but it says the number was disconnected, wtf??

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  1. T,

    SSS hasn't opened yet. It looks like no progress has been made on the joint since I first reported the new location on CH last fall.


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    1. re: bakagaijin

      I know one of the owners and they're currently waiting on permits / building inspections and hope to be open by April.

      1. re: patjoyce

        The latest I've heard from a friend of mine who's in the know is that the owners have been stuck in MontGoCo permit hell for almost seven months with no light at the end of the tunnel. So, an opening date is unknown at this point. Certainly won't be April.

        1. re: patjoyce

          The wife and I strolled by the new SSS location late Saturday night. I noticed building permits posted on the front windows and some construction-related items inside.

          According to my friend in the know, they're shooting for an early June opening.

          1. re: bakagaijin

            Thanks for your OP last September that gave the location:


            It's good to have another quality, casual/quick option in Bethesda.

            1. re: bakagaijin

              Strolled by the Cordell Ave. location the other night. No where close to being finished.

        2. South Street Steaks opening real soon in Kentlands/North Potomac/Darnesville area......

          Just north of the Quince Orchard Rd and Darnestown Rd intersection.....

          New strip mall with a California Tortilla...

          Near the Safeway......

          Work is moving along,,,,,signage is up......hiring sign up as well

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I just took a look at their website. Looks like they've recently added the Bethesda address to their list of locations, so I guess they plan to open at some point. I walked by the Cordell Ave. location a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't look like much has been done there since last spring.