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Jan 6, 2008 08:22 AM

Vong -- HORRIBLE experience!

Went to Vong last night for a special dinner, and pulled no stops on cost. Got several courses and all sorts of different dishes and they all were bad, without an exception. The worst was the Salmon dish. Wow, that was some of the blandest and uninspired food I've ever tasted.

The desserts were great, though. But still, overall, it was a deeply disappointing dinner. I was shocked that this place is associated with Jean-Georges and also that it has a Michelin Star. I felt cheated and regretted that I had chosen it to celebrate a special occasion.

Am I missing something?!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I have not been to Vong in years (I used to work nearby). Can you provide more detail/specifics about what dishes did not work beyond salmon was bland? How was the service? I have been toying with returning to some old favorites like USC and Vong and would love more information.

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      The service is great. No problems on that front at all. It was just the food that disappointed me.

      Here are more details re the food:

      The raw tuna appetizer roll did not work -- it too was plain, and there was something off about the texture of the stuff it was wrapped in (way too weak). It came with dipping sauce, which held out the promise of remedying the inherent blandness, and the sauce was tasty enough in its own right, but didnt really go with the tuna. There was a taste in it -- I think vineger, am not sure -- that clashed with the tuna.

      The other dish I tried was the mushroom and artichoke carpaccio. This was an interesting dish conceptually, but it just didnt taste good to me, and I love mushroom and artichokes. It was under-seasoned to my taste.

      A more specific statement of my problem with the salmon is that the dish came bombarded with the taste of pumpkin. That was the really the only taste that came through the entire dish. The menu, incidentlaly, does not really lead one to expect that pumpkin will dominate the dish, as the menu, as I recall, merely says that the dish is prepared with "fall vegetables" -- never even mentioning pumpkin by name, and suggesting that there would be more than one vegetable!

      Those were the only non-sweet dishes I tried. (The sweets were awesome, truly.)

      1. re: toum

        toum, thanks for the additional information and insights.

        I still remember the vanilla and black pepper ice cream (or something like that) that I had there.

      2. re: financialdistrictresident

        I haven't been for years either - don't see much discussion about the place on the boards. I put no trust in the Michelin ratings and in fact put last year's guide in the trash yesterday (needless to say, I didn't buy this year's).

        1. re: MMRuth

          I was just thinking that I couldn't remember the last time I read something about Vong. Don't even ask about last time I read anything positive, my memory is just not that good anymore. It is rare to see someone spread so thin and keep a place top notch for so long. I have no gripes with J-G, everyone knows how I feel about Perry Street and Jean-Georges.

          1. re: thegreekone

            Both of those restaurants are excellent, I totally agree.

      3. I haven't been there in years either, but I never liked it. I agree that I thought it was pretty uninspired.

        1. My post on VONG last year.
          It is MUST TO AVOID, in my book.

          1. I have not been to Vong in years either. What I do remember was a very spicy dinner, beautiful room with lots of orchids and a very uninspiring dessert menu; so much so that we skipped it and went elsewhere for dessert.

            1. T

              Unfotunately no surprise to jfood since he placed on the DNR list last March. Here is jfood's disappointing review.