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Jan 6, 2008 08:12 AM

,After Movie, eating recommendation-Downtown

"THERE WILL BE BLOOD" -Daniel Day-Lewis

My lady friend and I are going to see a late afternoon movie (5:00PM) at the Varsity at 55 Bloor St E.and I would like to take her somewhere after for a casual bite where we can discuss the movie. I know a few places around there but would really like to hear what the Chowhounds could recommend. Thanks folks

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  1. Since my husband and I frequently go to a mid-atternoon movie at the Varsity there are two places that we use and that are convenient to the theatre, in terms of it's not to 'dine' but simply to catch a bite before going home without moving the car from the Manulife parking lot (we might just own a space by now!!.
    ..The Bloor Street Diner right in the Manulife (ask to be seated in the very back as opposed to the Dining Room..unless you need more privacy(?) lots of choices not too costly either...or we go across the street to The New Yorker Deli (not sure if it is open on Sunday 'tho) of the mill deli food but usually decent soup.

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      I second either of PearlD's choices. I also like Wish, Ginger (supercasual - but good food... depends how "frugle" you actually want to appear), Caren's wine bar in Yorkville or Seven West.

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        Bloor Street Diner used to be great, but has really *really* gone down hill. The second last time I was there, I was with a friend. The service was horrible, with dessert coming after the bill was delivered...and coffee never appearing (and they weren't busy). The last time (which will likely be the "last time"), my father-in-law ordered a steak sandwich. When it came, as he lifted it to his mouth, he stopped, sniffed it and announced that the beef had clearly gone off. Despite no one touching the food, no server enquired after us for what seemed like ages, and then when the sandwich was taken away, no replacement was offered. So he watched other people pick at their food, waiting. Eventually we got the bill, but then had to point out that the steak sandwich was still on it. Truly horrible...especially seeing as it used to be reliable. And it's in a perfect location... Wish isn't much further away though and is that, of the mentioned restaurants, would get my vote.

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          I'm sorry to hear of your bad/nasty experience with the Bloor Street Diner....ours has been generally quite good ...we pretty well stick to egg-type things /soup for me and club sandwiches for really 'light' eating is our thing...having consumed popcorn etc in the movie...

      2. There is Brownstone Bistro on Yonge at Grosvenor.

        I'm not a big fan of Coffee Mill but that is another spot that is within walking distance of the Varsity. It is located at 99 Yorkville Avenue.

        I also like the Artful Dodger which is a pub located on Isabella, just a few steps east of Yonge.

        All of these are casual. I like the Dodger myself.

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          7 west (Charles St.), a little pricey, but yummy
          DO NOT GO TO SPRING ROLLS on Yonge, service and food were both less than mediocre!
          Good luck!!

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            You know, I was gonna suggest the Dodger too. The food is not great, but it's definitely passage... and it's a really cozy spot for hanging out (especially with the fireplaces sparked up), with pleasant staff - and a decent selection of beer.

            1. re: Rabbit

              What do you find best at the Dodger?

          2. Decision
            Thanks folks. We took pearld's recommendation of the Bloor street Diner and sat in the back near the windows overlooking Bloor St. She had the red wine and I had the Steam Whistle draft while we shared a pancette pizza (bacon).
            With our order we had the opportunity of purchasing two tickets to the theatre for $7.00 a piece and did so. We both agreed that the movie was less than award winning.
            We will try some of the other considerate recommendations in our future trips to the Varsity.

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            1. More to the was the food?

              1. re: deelicious

                Much better than the movie!
                We cleaned our plates.

            2. i would make the hike up to the rebel house....

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                I haven't been to that theatre. What's it like?

                1. re: fruglescot

                  Pretty great...fab selection of micro/local beers (and always Guinness)
                  Great upscale bar food with decent prices.
                  Always a great brunch...