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What's your latest food quest?

Nick and Eddies MSP

jaysin612 Jan 6, 2008 07:46 AM

After taking a look at the Frida Kalho exhibit at the Walker (go before it ends soon), we decided to try someplace new and knew that Nick and Eddies had just opened across the way next to Loring Park. So we get in there for an early dinner (5pm on a saturday). Nice space. Remember when it was Rubies Cafe and they really made it look nice.

The menu looks good. Lots of comfort sort of food and really what we were looking for last night. Also the wine list looked pretty good. Started the meal with the chopped chicken liver crostini and the endive salad. The chicken liver was good and rich. Though i thought the crostini tasted just a little stale. They included some pomegranite seeds to cut through the fat of the liver and a little salad with bacon. nice. The salad looked good. Could not tell what the dressing on it was. Completely boring. Tasted a little olive oil and some lemon, but utterly boring.

I had the duck breast with wild rice, hominy and sweet potato. The duck was cooked perfectly. crisp crunchy skin/fat and mid rare meat. The wild rice mix had some kind of hot pepper in it that was so unbelievably hot. All i could taste was heat. It was really bad. I like hot food, but this tasted like they had thrown a few habeneros into the pot and left in all the seeds. i could not taste anything else. I think i have might have sent back one item in my entire life, but i actually had to have something else. The server was nice and brought me a side of extremely bland mashed potatoes. But again the duck was great.

My partner in crime had the beef cheeks. They were served over a parsnip mash. They were cooked very well. Pretty much like pot roast that just fell apart. But they were completely flavorless. Everything on her plate was bland. She was embarrassed to have to ask for salt and pepper. Nothing was seasoned. It was a really disappointing meal.

I will say that the little homemade cookies they bring with the bill were amazing. sad to say that was the highlight.

Weird side note - Lori Barberro (former drummer of Babes in Toyland) and Todd Trainer (drummer for Shellac) were working at the bar.

Will not go again for dinner. Hate to try a new place and have it so disappointing. We could have stuck to Alma or the Modern for the same price or less and had an infinitely better meal.

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  1. blowphishery Jan 6, 2008 08:05 AM

    Let them get their act together and try again, however this seems like a train wreck.

    Steve Vranian worked at Stars in SF and is capable of completely dialed food. Hopefully they'll come around.

    1. p
      pgokey Jan 6, 2008 09:02 AM

      Maybe Dan Wilson might stroll in.

      I agree - you gotta give the place a couple of months of finding its footing before writing it off. Masa was not all that warmly received at first, but it's shaped up to be a fine, fine place.

      It sounds like that place is below expectations at the moment. It might be suffering a bit from heighten expectations, give the buzz around it.

      It's something of a rarity that Maude, Blackbird and Heidi's were all great out of the box. Most places need a warm up period. It's why the Strib always waits several months before publishing a review. (Well, that and the fact that the reviews reflect several visits, not just one.)

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      1. re: pgokey
        jaysin612 Jan 6, 2008 10:13 AM

        I agree with giving a place some time to get things down, but if you have cooked with Jeremiah Tower, I want to have good mashed potatoes and to have some food that has been seasoned, not to the point of being unbearably hot, but seasoned.

        Maybe we will give it another chance, but to be honest, when we still need to check out Heidi's and some other new places, as well as some older ones that have missed, it won't happen. We spent over $100 on the meal and were underwhelmed and disappointed. And unfortunately, sometimes we realistically only have the funds to give a place one chance,

        I hope things do improve. It's a nice looking spot. Our server was great and really knew the menu and wines. I look forward to hearing some other reviews.

      2. h
        Haricotsv2 Jan 6, 2008 12:04 PM

        Well, we definitely went to the same restaurant!!! We actually liked the gnocci starter quite a bit, and the borscht was very good, so we were pretty excited. But then came the entrees--really disappointing. Add dry pork and just ok salmon to the duck and beef cheeks as not-too-good food. Nice server.


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        1. re: Haricotsv2
          cherrylime Jan 8, 2008 07:52 PM

          We've been a few times, mostly because everyone who was here over the holiday from out of town wanted to go there. We agree that some of the food is underwhelming (mostly because of under seasoning) I do know that they have been slammed by the fact that they've had 2 major reviews in the last month (right when it's peak restaurant season anyway..) So I do hope that people give them another chance food-wise. We really think the space is lovely. Great to see the juxtapositioning of Lori B and Todd. Gives the elegant surroundings a built in patina I think.

          Of course the cookies are amazing. Jessica's desserts/baking are always perfect it seems...All the desserts we've had have been stellar; the butterscotch pudding and the Ho-ho especially.

          Just one question, what does Dan Wilson have to do with it? hmm. curious.

        2. p
          pfoster Jan 14, 2008 07:48 PM

          My wife and I were there on New Year's Eve. despite the crowd, the service and food were excellent. The grilled shrimp were amazing, my beef cheeks were melt-in-your mouth tender and flavorful. My wife's spicy steak was terrific. Everyone was pleasant and attentive, contributing to a great, festive mood in a fun space. My only, minor quibble was that I would have preferred the bread warm and the butter soft. We will definitely go again.

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