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Apr 20, 2001 09:01 AM

restaurants near pantages theatre

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Going to see Lion King soon at Pantages Theatre. Looking for a restaurant that can seat all 30 of us - various ages- nothing too ethnic.

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  1. let's see now, you are in L.A. but are trying to avoid anything "too ethnic"??

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    1. re: stray gator

      Try finding a restaurant to please the palates of fifteen children- Im hoping to avoid MacDonald's and KFC!!

    2. Try Ex Incendo across the street on Hollywood Blvd. A little pricey, but okay food. You might want to call ahead for 30 people, though. A couple of blocks away at the corner of Yucca and Ivar is Joseph's. They have a nice outdoor garden. I don't know it you'd call Greek ethnic, but they do have noncommital dishes, like sandwiches. Again, not cheap. For diner food, you could check the Hollywood Hills Diner. I'm not sure if they can handle 30 people, though. They're at the corner of Argyl and Franklin. A little farther away, in Gower Gulch (Gower and Sunset) is Tidal Wave. Worth a try. Lastly, there's Sharky's Mexican place (ethnic?) on Cahuenga just north of Hollywood Blvd.
      Good luck.

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      1. re: Jon W.

        Thanks so much for your suggestions. I think I'll take the kids to the diner and pass your other suggestions along to the other adults in the group. I appreciate your help.

        1. re: deb

          You should be forewarned that the Hollywood Hills Diner is not cheap. I'd reconsider Sharkey's. Most kids like tacos and quesadillas don't they? I also checked with Ex Incendo and they can take 30 people. For kids they have a turkey sandwich with french fries, but that's about it for a narrow palate. As a last resort, there is also a Subway right next door to Ex Incendo. Not much seating though. And yes, there are a McDonalds and KFC a few blocks south on Vine Street.

      2. I really like Off Vine, but I doubt they could accomodate 30 people. The place is so small, it probably can't hold 30 people at a time. But worth checking out if you have a smaller party. They do an excellent souffle.

        I have a very fond memory of being taking there for the first time as a child before an evening performance of My Fair Lady at the Pantages. It was the first time in my life (surely not the last) I had fried calamari. :) Happy memories.

        1. Miceli's is just the place for your group. It is only about 2 blocks away and seats hundreds of people. They have kid favorites like Spaghetti and Meatballs and buttered spaghetti. Prices are cheap and the portions are huge. They have a parking lot right next door. That is where we went befor Lion King. If you let them know you are pre theater they will take care of getting you out on time.