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Jan 6, 2008 06:48 AM

Indian in southern/central Dutchess

I will be moving to Wappingers Falls in 2 weeks. I am moving there from Westchester, which has no lack of Indian restaurants! I was wondering what Indian restaurants exist in the southern and central Dutchess County area. From browsing the boards, I found the following restaurants:

Majur Gardens - Wappingers Falls
Tanjore - Fishkill
Samosa House (this appears to be take out/express?) - Fishkill
Garden Foods - Poughkeepsie

Does anyone have any input on these resturants? Are there any other Indian resturants in the area that are good? Thanks!

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  1. Well, I finally made it to Tanjore in Fishkill, so I'll write about my experience so that it might be helpful to others. We had a bunch of papad served to us right away (I think that's what it's called? those really thin crispy things), along with the tamarind sauce/mint chutney/red mixture that I don't know the name of with onions in it. Some places will give you only a couple of pieces of papad but we had more than enough. I started out with the chennai rasam, a hot and sour soup that was delicious. My housemate had the mulligatawny soup which she enjoyed. For my main course I had chicken vindaloo, which was pretty much perfectly spicy, the way I like it. This place does not skimp on their portions. There were plenty of chunks of chicken and potatoes, I had enough leftover for a whole meal the next day. (Maybe it's b/c I filled up a bit with soup and naan, but it did seem like a larger portion than the average Indian restaurant!) The naan was very good, buttered just enough. My housemate had ghar ki dal for her main course and I did not taste it, but she thought it was excellent. The basmati rice was pretty good, I wouldn't say it was great. We tried the Indian ice cream (the name escapes me at the moment and their dessert menu is not available online) for dessert and it was the first time I had tried Indian ice cream. I was definitely a fan. It came with 3 flavors: pistachio, mango, and what seemed to just be a sweet cream flavor. The ice cream was firm and creamy and slowly melted in your mouth.

    Overall, we had a wonderful meal and the bill for 2 came to $38 (my housemate had a soda, but we did not have any other drinks). $38 seemed quite reasonable considering that we had 2 soups, an order of naan, 2 main dishes, and a dessert. My entree was something like $12, I think, which I was very happy about since I'm used to the Indian restaurants in Westchester where nothing is under $15. Most of the chicken dishes were between $11-$13, and seafood $14-$16, (in one Westchester restaurant the seafood dishes are $18-$24!) vegetarian $9-$11. I'll definitely be going back. I'd like to try their lunch buffet. The ambience was slightly lacking, I'm not sure how to describe feels like part of a strip mall, I guess, which it basically is. But that didn't matter, it was a great meal.

    1. I really like Tanjore. My go-to meal is the chicken korma, onion kulcha, and the mango lassi, but their lunch buffet is quite good. They are more than generous with their portions.

      Samosa House is closed...

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        Thanks for letting me know about Samosa House. It also seems that Majur Gardens does not exist anymore? I googled it and couldn't come up with anything, and since I'm living in Wappingers now, I feel like I would've seen it or heard about it, and I haven't.

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            actually, my neighbor (who is from India) highly recommended bombay grill in beacon. i was trying to google the restaurant yesterday, but i couldn't find it. thanks, sdcr!

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              Thank you so much! Now I really want to go to them all and try the chicken tikka masala and chicken vindaloo at each one (my 2 favorite dishes), b/c that's how I rate the restaurants. That will take much time and money (well actually, again, compared to Westchester prices these look great!) but when I try some of these other ones I will definitely report back.

        1. Went to Tanjore twice in 3 days! Once for the lunch buffet which for $11 is a great deal. I enjoyed all the dishes that they had. I've been wanting to try it and I think it is worth it, if anyone else has been wondering. Then I took my dad there for Father's Day and we had the samosa appetizer, garlic nan, 2 entrees (1 chicken, 1 lamb), a beer, and a mango lassi for $45. Very reasonable. I was a bit disappointed with the chicken tikka masala, although I can't quite put my finger on why. However that's the only dish that I've been a bit disappointed with thus far. For the price, the food is definitely good!

          1. Tanjore - Outstanding lunch buffet.