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Jan 6, 2008 06:46 AM

Stone Park Cafe - Park Slope

My wife and I went last night for dinner - SP was booming - jammed packed. We had a table for 2 near the the bar - My wife had the baby arugula salad with fresh cranberry beans, red onions and parmegiano reggiano cheese followed by a super succulent and well spiced roasted chicken that came with spoon bread, roasted squash and tomatoes. I had the short rib "slider" with quail egg on a brioche bun for starters and an unbelievably good, perfectly cooked medium rare hangar steak sauced with a brandy/peppercorn reduction. We each had two glasses of wine, Riesling for my wife and a Barbera D'alta for me. We finished the evening by sharing a killer chocolate brioche pudding with caramel ice cream. The evening was unrushed, the service perfect and the food divine. SPC is turning out some of the best food and most enjoyable dining experiences in the 'hood.

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  1. Unrushed at SPC on a jammed packed Saturday night? Sounds unlike the SPC I've known.
    Maybe things have changed. Did you reserve your table? How far in advance?

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      We walked in to SPC at 6:40 PM without a reservation - we had just come from al di la where the wait was quoted as an hour - we got a table right away - maybe it's because we go to SPC frequently or maybe there really was an open table - I don't know. The crowd started to grow about 7:15PM and the place was filled by 7:30PM. We paid our check and departed at about 8:25PM. Our server is one we seem to get all the time and we have a great rapport with her and she never rushes us.

      1. re: livetotravel

        I've previously posted about the attitude of the owner I've encountered when walking into SPC without reservations. Even when there were obviously empty tables, he's been cold about trying to seat us. Perhaps as a regular, you're recognized and rewarded. Perhaps they just don't book up as they did in days gone by. Anyway, glad you had a good experience.