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Jan 6, 2008 06:43 AM

Authentic German Market Detroit Area Macomb County

Does anyone know of a good German food Market preferably in the Macomb County area? We live up by Port Huron and desperately are looking for good German Sausage, Bread etc. We have heard there is one on 23 mile but don't know the name etc. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. There was a place on Gratiot , east side , somewhere around 15 or 16 mile ( maybe ? ) , that was a very good german sausage market/butcher shop . Haven't been over that way in some time as the east side is a food wasteland , but that market was quite nice . Schmitts , or something like that , it's been a few years . I know that that area of metro Detroit ( like around Fraser ) traditionally was a german immigrant stronghold , lots of streets called Frahzo , Adolph , and the like . I'm sure there are still some good german markets left over there , lets hope for some better help .

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      Are you thinking of Schotts Market on 14 Mile between Utica Road and Garfield?
      (actually on the corner of Garfield & 14.)

      vipermech, Nitsches meats has two locations: on northbound Gratiot between 12 & 13 Mile Road, and on Van Dyke in Shelby Township. This may be the "german" market you're thinking of. Years ago, we patronized the Gratiot location, and were always pleased with the sausage prep and quality. We just kinda drifted...away.

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          Yeah , I think thats what I was thinking of . Haven't been there in quite a while .

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            Nitsches (sp?) is right around the corner from where I live. I wouldn't make the drive from Port Huron for that. The company that was once guided by executive chef Richard Mack has sold and is now a shadow of what it once was. Frankenmuth will offer you much better selections. There is a shop if your entering town from the south on the left hand side just before you go down the hill into town and another on the left about five blocks north of downtown. Both have sausage. There are other markets here that offer home made sausage but most are either Italian or Polish.

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              The one on the west side of the street in the center of town is Willi's Sausage Haus (or House). They have 115 kinds of sausage which, last time I tried, they would grill up for you as a German "Schnellimbiss." Also old accordions. Who could ask for anything more?

              1. re: Jim M

                I'll be stopping there soon! 8 am and and I'm thinking about grilled sausage! LOL

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                  Today I got my order from Willi's Sausage Haus.... we are preparing a real austrian easter dish on Saturday.... afterwards I´m going to tell you what our friends (germany and austria) and we are thinking of those sausages and the leberkaese and the weisswuerstel ;-) ... but they look great! I also found traditional austrian milchbrot - you call it easter egg bread.... it was perfect...

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        1. I know this isn't Macomb area, but Byrds in Livonia (7 Mile & Farmington) used to carry a lot of Germanic foods. I haven't been in a few years since we moved out of Wayne County, but maybe someone in the area could say whether or not Byrds still is an option.

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            Willi s Sausages... we tried the canadian bacon, the smoked pork tenderloin, the landjaeger and other sausages on saturday.... perfect, everything better than I expected and it was shipped within 2 days!

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