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Apr 19, 2001 01:54 AM


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i'd love to hear about any experiences with lucques...

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  1. In my humble opinion. Lucques is currently the best restaurant in LA. I admit I have become biased, for I just love this place. Though it can be difficult to get a reservation on short notice, both the wait staff and the people at the front desk are very friendly and helpful, unlike some of the snotty employees at other 'difficult to get a reservation' type restaurants. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, and the food is, in a word, divine. I have eaten there 6 or 7 times over the last year (mostly on Sunday nights where the menu is set) and I have never had a bad meal. I like Sundays particularly: there is a choice between two entrees, with a single appetizer and a single dessert. Though you only get a choice on the entree, I have not been disappointed. And you can find out what the Sunday menu is on Thursdays, in case the choice is something you just plain don't like. The wines recommended to accompany the Sunday dishes (you can get them by the glass as well as the bottle) have always been splendid. (It is difficult to recommend specific dishes, for the menu changes.) The food is simple yet creative, very fresh, and delicious. The restaurant has two seating areas, the front room and the back outside patio. They are very different, but both are quite pleasant. My personal pick would be a booth in the front room, but they may be difficult to come by. Anyway, obviously a high recommendation from this chowhound.

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      Must admit, I loved it too, but was probably glowing like a movie star because it was my birthday. I was seduced from the olives on. Another caveat - this was (gulp!) two years ago.

      Be sure to scroll down - there is quite a debate on the place below.

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        Keith Froelich

        I didn't like the place. For $100+ it felt like hard work to eat here. Although the food was good it was too much like being in a party to which I wasn't invited and wasn't welcome. Lots of attitude and a snippy hostess who actually gave me a dirty look. We were seated next to a table where the entire staff was fawning over the obvious frequent diners. And the tables are much too close together! Also, for $10 I received only a third a glass of wine! Overrated, unhealthy high colestoral cuisine and a big dissapointment overall. Save your $$ for Spago.

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      I truly wanted to like Lucques when I went there on a Sunday night. However, my husband and I had just about the exact opposite of Tom P's experience. Please search for futher discussion on Lucques in earlier posts. I'm obviously from the camp that did NOT like the place.