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Jan 6, 2008 06:03 AM

Zhiuatenejo Recommendations?

Leaving in a few days for a week in Zhiuatenejo. Does anyone have any recommendations for Chow there? Our hotel claims to have "the best restuarant in town" and we hope to also score from the local markets for our kitchenette, but will be looking for some authentic cuisine as well.

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  1. You have to go to Tamales Atoles y Any in town. Amuleto has very good meals for a "nice" dinner out and killer views of the bay. Go there before sunset for drinks and you can eat while the sun is setting.

    If you're hungry arriving/leaving, there is a little kiosk in the airport, near the airport sit-down restaurant. Wonderful tortas and fresh-squeezed juice.

    Also post on -- they were extremely helpful when we were planning our trip. Have fun!!!

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      You must go to La Cala at Puerto Mio resort. Do a google search on Puerto Mio at Zihautanejo and you will find a link to this restaraunt. The owner of this place is the nicest guy and it is an incredible place. Great atmosphere and wonderful food.

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        I've stayed in Zihua many a time and have always been totally underwhelmed by the food, it is terrible downtown. A little cafe on Playa La Ropa is Patty's - it's just downhome fare but Patty is wonderful and the fish is excellent.

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          Unfortunately, what is touted as the "best" food (ie Amuleto) in Z can be at best rated as "good" or "very good" in US or Canadian terms, which is very ok. The area is a vacation destination, not a foodie one ;o). There is a place called Los Braseros downtown, it's near a nightclub and has very good, simple, grilled seafood.

          There is also a place called Coconuts downtown as well, which is fairly good. I wouldn't say the food is terrible downtown overall, I would rate it "ok" if you're looking for a bite to eat.

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            Just as in the old advice, "Never eat at a place called "Mom's", I hold to the theory to never eat a place named after a fruit: Bananas" or "Coconuts".

            It may be irrational, but it works for me.

            Choose a place named after a real person, like "Cocina Económica "Mary's" or "Norma's".

    2. Please let us know what you found on your trip as we are heading there in April and would love to know your thoughts!

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        We go to Zihua every year at least once for the past 8 years. We are not into the more high end restaurants such as Coconuts, Il Mare, KauKan (although we did eat there once last year) and stick to the smaller, less expensive places. We eat very casual so here are a few. As someone said earlier, Tamales Atole Any, the BEST huge tamales for 18 peso. You can get them to go and take them home to reheat over the next few days. Los Braseros has tacos pastor (3.5 peso each) that we get cravings for while at home in Seattle. It is usually our first night in town dinner. Also, last year a friend turned me onto their fish tacos. 3 taco (flour tortillas) with a large piece of fried white fish in each, cabbage and a light white sauce, kind of coleslaw-y. 55 peso. I couldn't get enough of these and they were my last lunch in town before going to the airport. As a prior post said, Cocino Economica Dona Liche which is a few blocks off the tourist area behind the Mercado but well worth finding. Ask a friendly local and I am sure they will direct you there. They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but it is alway busy with locals and I have never had a bad meal there, plus, cheap, cheap, cheap. They make their own thick corn tortillas and make sure you get the beans. They bring a bowl for the table and they are thinner and creamier then I have had anywhere else. Yum, I am getting craving as we talk. As I said previously, we did go the the KauKan last year with some friends on their last night. It is on the road to Playa La Ropa, right above the Hotel Irma. We did have a lovely dinner, my husband had the best duck he had ever had (200 peso) and the rest of our meals were good also. The view of the bay with the sunset was stunning. Down side, tequila on the rocks $10.00US and a half size bottle of water $2.50US. We would go there again, but would skip the cocktails. The rooftop dining was really special. If you want to know anymore about the town (I could go on forever) email me at and I would be happy to try and answer your questions. Another website if you haven't found it yet is Beware that two of the local websites have a bit of in fighting so sometimes they get off subject.
        One last thing, Coconuts does have good food, is open only for high season and is a very pretty restaurant in the downtown. We just don't go there because we like more of the local fare, but people always say that although expensive, it is delicious. Ok, I'm done!

      2. We stay in a little bed and breakfast with a kitchen on Playa La Ropa and love getting the bus downtown to go to the market.

        1. Take a day and head down to La Barra .. swim, relax & eat the fresh seafood...right on the beach at the small restaurants (enramadas) .... Then head to Hotel Las Palmas (Playa Blanca) for dinner (reservations required) .. The best chile rellenos (shrimp or pork) I've ever had. Las Palmas does a really nice job with fresh seafood as well. Their red snapper is very good as is the fresh tuna. The homemade soup of the day is usually excellent as well. Heck, they'll even make a cheesburger & fries it that's what you want.....