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Jan 6, 2008 05:39 AM

Searching for Pumpkin Seeds

I am looking to buy pumpkin seeds in the shell. I have tried to get them at Trader Joe but they informed me that they are out of stock and will not have them for several weeks. Presently, the whole foods and wild harvest in my area are planning to open a store in Milford and Fairfield Ct but I dont foresee them opening their store in the near future. I have also tried asking a few health foods stores if the pumpkin seeds are available and they informed me they are also either short or out of stock. I would appreciate your help.

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  1. Well, other than the obvious (inside a pumkin), try the gas station. I know, it sounds odd, but the bigger ones may have them roasted in the shell near the sunflower seeds. They are both put out by David brands. And dern tasty, I might add. Best part of Halloween.

    1. Just a thought, but if you want to MAKE them, and can't find pumpkins, I've also toasted the seeds from other sqaush and have found them to be pretty much the same. Acorn, etc.

      1. I always get them at the Mexi-Mart- I'm sure that you have some sort of Mexican/Hispanic grocery somewhere in southern CT? Look for "Pepitas".

        1. Many Asian stores will also carry pumpkin seeds.

          1. Have you tried Edge of the Woods on Whalley Ave. New Haven? They usually have them.

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              i didnt know Edge of the Woods had them. Thank you all we found them in Bellmore LI, a family member picked them up.