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Jan 6, 2008 04:45 AM

John Andrews Report- ate so much it hurt.

hi all

last night DH & i went to JA and sat at the bar. we had a big GC from the holidays so we were ordering anything & everything, no concern for $.

1: i got the lobster caussolet (sp) that i have never seen on the menu before...LOVED it.
DH got the fried calamari with rice wine dipping sauce....delicious.
2: i got the fried oyster salad. i wanted to try something different, i have read rave reviews about this salad- i think from nidanlou? i loved the dijon-anchovy dressing. DH got the mussles and loved them.
3: i got the pumpkin pasta dish. i have had this before and its very tasty. DH got the fish tacos from the bar menu. very fresh & flavorful.
4: desserts! DH was in restroom and i didnt even let him see the menu, i chose for us:
sticky toffee pudding with ginger ice cream and meyer lemon pound cake with rosemary ice cream. i have had desserts at JA every single time i have gone, and these 2 were the best i have had yet. absolutey perfect. that rosemary ice cream was wonderful with the cake and the sauce with the sticky toffee was perfect.

stuffed so bad it hurt.

we had a few cocktails beforehand and then ordered a nice bottle of wine.....dinner with tax & good tip = $185.

cant wait to go back...

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  1. Hi Niccole,
    Where is John Andrews? Sounds good.

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    1. re: Eatin in Woostah

      John Andrews is in South Egremont, MA and is a real favorite. (Niccole has written some great reviews and is the number one fan.) It's about ten minutes from downtown Great Barrington in the middle of nowhere and well worth the drive if you are in the area. Fantastic food and a really nice atmosphere. One of those hidden gems, really.

      Thanks for the news, Niccole. I am looking forward to getting back over there soon. I want some of that sticky toffee pudding while it is still on the menu.

      1. re: mvi

        Mapquest says almost 2 hours from Worcester. Bummer, but at least I have something for my list for next time we head to Western MA! Looks fantastic.

        1. re: Eatin in Woostah

          Be very careful driving through South Egremont. They are extremely strict about the speed limit. However, I can assure you that John Andrews is worth the risk. The food, service, and atmosphere are excellent. As always, thanks for the great review Niccole.

    2. We also went to JA last night. It was our first time there. After reading so many rave reviews here on CH I couldn't wait to try it. The place is fantastic! Beautiful romantic atmosphere with fabulous food. Definitely worth the drive from Hartford and will be returning to try the entire menu.

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      1. re: Amiz71

        amiz: what did you order? so glad you enjoyed yourself!

        boston foodie: the cassoulet was soooo good. i have had duck & sausage cassoulet once before and i remember it was very rich & heavy like a stew ( which i love too ) but this one was light/fresh/flavorful. big hunks of lobster and i love those mini beans. very pretty presentation of those fancy "molds" happy new year to you too! hope you can make it out here soon!

        mvi: how is RI treating you?

        woostah: it is a far trip, but keep us in mind out here in the country :)

        1. re: niccole

          Providence is great but we need to transport John Andrews over here in order to make it perfect. After I get a little more time with some of the places here, I will do some reports for you. Thanks, Niccole. John Andrews really is a gem and I always enjoy your reviews after you go.

          1. re: niccole

            Niccole, I see why you rave about the place. We had the foie gras and the sweetbreads for apps. Main course was the leg of lamb with blue cheese potato gratin, swiss chard and grilled eggplant. And the pork chop. We were seated right in front of the fireplace. Truly a memorable evening.

            Woostah, make the effort to go. It's a nice drive in a beautiful area, especially with the snow cover.

        2. As usual, another GREAT report Niccole! Happy New Year! The Lobster Cassoulet sounds divine...!!! Am trying to plan a winter visit to the Berkshires with JA in mind. :)

          1. Hey Hey Niccole,
            Lobster cassoulet, huh? I must get down there as soon as posssible. Dan and Glenn's lobster risotto has pushed me over the edge many times...this dish must be incredible. If it IS a new menu, please reassure me that the salad with fried oysters is still there...I have been eating that for the past twelve or more years there, and, I do not intend to stop now.

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            1. re: nidanlou

              hello nidanlou!
              YES- the oyster salad is still there and i ordered it because of all your rave reviews!
              you must try that cassoulet next time your there, just loved it. we are going back the end of february with my 2 sisters and our DHs, cant wait...hope your holidays were nice!

            2. The original comment has been removed