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Jan 6, 2008 04:23 AM

Bucky's BBQ Boca Raton

I heard that Bucky's BBQ on Glades and Dixie Highway has closed. I am out of town and tried their phone number and it has been disconnected and their website is down. I loved Bucky's !

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  1. It is is true, they are closed for business. Place is cleaned out. Went there last night and they claimed that they were not making any money (usually the reason to close). That place was good, I am def upset. Well I guess there is always Mississippi Sweets.

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    1. re: miamimike

      OK here's a surprise place to get VERY good BBQ. Drumroll...

      Whole Foods on Glades!

      When they opened with the new expansion it included a smokehouse. If you go at the right time, they'll have Smoked Butt (sometimes it's kept underneath and in back so you have to ask).

      It's got the perfect burnt/crispy outside and melted smoked pork fat and thus moist juicy meat inside. They'll chop up a pound for you. Then ask for a container of the BBQ sauce. Next, proceed to the beer section and pick out an excellent microbrew or 6. Head up to the register, check out, grab utensils and lots o napkins on the way out. Then have a fine meal for two at one of the tables in front. My new Saturday night dinner out!!! $20 bucks and life is good. Head next door to B&N for after-dinner books/CD browsing and coffee & dessert.

      (Shhh don't tell too many people about this - they keep running out of the smoked butt).

      1. re: CFByrne

        CFB - I agree. Whole Foods has some of the best BBQ in the area (a somewhat sad statement.) Just don't take the pulled pork from the steam table. I bought some last week and it's way too greasy. Make sure they chop it up for you at the counter.

        1. re: RickL

          Let me tell you folks something. When WF serves up some of the best BBQ, the area has no BBQ to speak of. And it doesn't.

          1. re: freakerdude

            Amen to that. Like so many other things in SoFla, you have to go north to go south.

            Having said that, I am a fan of the Georgia Pig (State Rt 7 in Ft Lauderdale) and an East Carolina-style place we just tried called the Dixie Pig (just south of Commercial on Dixie in Fort Lauderdale.)

            1. re: RickL

              Georgia Pig gets tops honors for pulled pork and brisket, imo. Super, super smokey pork, and the vinegar sauce is so thin and subtle it's more like a flavor enhancer than a thick sauce. It's perfect. Their ribs tend to get a bit on the dry, overdone side, but are still solid. I just wish they had better sides.

              Dixie Pig has fantastic gold sauce and some decent ribs, though they also lean towards the dry side. The ribs do maintain a very distinct pork fat flavor, which is nice. I don't pick up much smoke aroma there, though.

              My current fav is still Jack's. They out-do Jenkins on almost everything except brisket, imo. Jenkin's brisket is the best around.

              1. re: johnmlinn

                I'm dying for BBQ brisket and the on line menu of Jenkins didn't show that they had it when we looked. Where is Jack's?

                I. Must. Go. Now.

                Edited to add: I just checked their menu again and it does mention sliced beef. I didn't realize it was brisket or I would have gone there the last time I was craving it.

              2. re: RickL

                I keep hearing about Georgia Pig and Jenkins in Ft. Laud, but I live in N. Palm beach and work in Boca. So I am distance restricted from Boca to about Stuart. I may have said this before, but I am a BBQ fanatic from Atlanta and the "State of Q" down here saddens me. I have only found one worthy place out of the six I have tried and that is up in Hobe Sound.

                So the Ga. Pig actually allows the smoke to occupy the same chamber as the meat? What a concept! OK, I'm being sarcastic here but I can't help it. Any place with some smoke flavoring and a vinegar sauce sounds great to me.

                Boca to Jupiter has no BBQ worth eating.

                1. re: freakerdude

                  This thread got me salivating, so I went to Georgia Pig for lunch. :-D As always, moist, smoky chopped pork and brisket, perfect sauce. The ribs were good but a touch dry in places. Beautiful smoke ring on them though - the meat's pink almost all through, with just a thin strip of beautiful white meat laced with pork fat around the bone. I just wish they had better sides - no collards, no mac and cheese, no baked beans. And no sweet tea! Gr!

                  I've heard things about Troy's BBQ in Boynton, freaker. Have you tried that?

                  1. re: johnmlinn

                    I've been there and posted a review on here somewhere. He is the best in the area from what I have tried. His ribs are more like a backyard BBQ style using charcoal and a maybe a bit of wood. Take out or eat in your car only. Mac n cheese was good. Definitely not a destination place.

                    I'll plan on hitting GP up when I head down to the Braves/Marlins game next month.

              3. re: freakerdude

                My fav for past 10 yrs has been Tom Jenkins down in Dania? or Ft Lauderdale - on US1 near the airport. This, IMHO, is the best Q in S Florida.


              4. re: RickL

                RickL - absolutely - the stuff on the steam table has been marinating in sugars and fat for hours by the time you see it. Get the base pork from behind the counter and then season to taste.

          2. I know the Bucky's on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale stopped serving lunch a coupla months ago, and closed the whole thing about a month ago or so. How can a restaurant with such consistently good food close, and Olive Garden and Red Lobster just keep on truckin'?

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            1. re: southocean

              I think it's the price southocean. Everyone I know that tried Bucky's said the same thing - Good but kind of expensive for BBQ. I've got to admit that I felt the same way. Also, that's a hard luck location. Nothing has lasted there since it was the original Tom's...and I really miss Tom's since it moved to WPB.

            2. I will be the voice of dissent here. :D I did not like it at all so I'm not surprised.

              They no longer had brisket, the ribs were ok, they ran out of spinach, the sweet potato fries were cold and limp, and all that for $20. They're overpriced for sure. I think whoever opens in that location is cursed.

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              1. re: OysterHo

                This Boca Raton location has been cursed ever since Tom's Ribs moved from there 20 years ago in 1987 to their next home on Federal Hwy in Boca Raton. Tom's Ribs are still around, just in West Palm Beach now, having abandoned their final Boca Raton location a couple of years ago. This spot at Glades and Dixie has been a revolving door for 20 years, Bucky's BBQ, Grinders, Mario's, Jumbo's Restaraunt, are the ones I recall.

                1. re: Eatster

                  Grinders was a great place UNTIL it changed hands. Then it sucked and then it closed. My brother Orson W. and I ate there once under the new ownership. It took just a couple bites of the vile food to know Grinders would be "off the list."

              2. Bucky's was a horrible attempt at some kind of upscale BBQ. I took the office staff there, not a single person wanted to go back. One of the guys even slipped and fell on a puddle inside the entry way. Yes, inside.

                Edit: there's a Shorty's BBQ in Deerfield now. Powerline just south of Hillsboro.

                1. This weekend a new banner went up covering up Bucky's BBQ sign - "D. Wade Sports Bar". Is this Dwayne Wade's new place? Stay tuned.

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                  1. re: Eatster

                    I went to the Ft. Lauderdale location last fall on a Thursday night at 9:15. There was no one in the bar and two tables occupied in the dining room. The deadpan hostess audibly sighed at our arrival, and glumly seated us without any greeting. Very uncomfortable. At least four more parties came in after us, so that must have really ruined her night.

                    The service was fine however, and we had a great pulled pork sandwich, filet, mashed potatoes, but room tempature bernaise sauce. Good drinks and dessert too, but the whole experience was kind of "meh", and we ended up never going back.

                    I actually said to my companion that although the food was good, prices were good, atmosphere (left over from Houston's) was good, and all the elements were there, the management was too loose and if they were to go out of business, it would be for that reason, which would be too bad.

                    1. re: Eatster

                      I drove by this morning and saw the banner. Any idea when it will open and what the menu will be?

                      1. re: Mister johnny

                        I dropped back in on Jan. 11th and they told me Bucky's BBQ has closed and would reopen as a sports bar around Feb. 1rst.

                      2. re: Eatster

                        Dwayne Wade owned part of Bucky's BBQ in Boca. I own the Bucky's Bar-B-Q name and trademark. I operate three Bucky's Bar-b-q's in Greenville SC. We have had a on-going dispute for the name.

                        1. re: Eatster

                          I went to the Bucky's BBQ in Fort Lauderdale (old Houston's spot) numerous times when they were open - the service and food was always mediocre at best. Bucky's really went wrong with everything, including hiring the "Buckettes" which are a bunch of 16-20 year olds with no experience or real knowledge. Even a month after they were open they had nearly 4-5 people around the door greeting and playing host but they were very slow with food running, delivering drink orders, etc. Management was totally busted. I am hoping D. Wades will be moderately better (hopefully better management), you would think with all of his money he would hire a more competant restaurant management team...

                          1. re: Sobe4u

                            Totally agree. Went there 2 times right when it opened. The staff was waaay too young for the prices they were charging. To get street cred, you should have more seasoned servers and greeters. While the food was 'good' it wasn't great. BBQ is usually a bit pricey here in Florida...but if the service isn't all's better to get take out somewhere else.

                            It should be interesting to see what they do different at D. Wade's. Celebrity chow spots do well their first year...but don't seem to last.

                            **The Shorty's in Deerfield is GREAT!


                            1. re: Sobe4u

                              D Wades Sports Grill in Fort Lauderdale is open now (it opened on Monday). Anyone been there yet?

                              1. re: Sobe4u

                                Maybe i'm crazy but that Bucky's on Glades was sooooo good. From the comments it seems that people didn't really like it much. The beef ribs and pulled pork sandwich were great. Also loved the mac n cheese, sweets fries, and cornbread. When i have eaten there they have always been packed too. Weird.

                                1. re: dmo305

                                  I love BBQ but I thought the one in Fort Lauderdale was awful - who knows. The Fort Lauderdale one was pretty much empty after the initial month or so - they then opened for lunch as well and hardly anyone showed up. Service was always awful and the food was very inconsistent.