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Apr 18, 2001 06:03 PM

Best Lists of Wines by the Glass

  • k

Any recommendations for places with a good selection of wines by the glass?

Also, who are some of the best sommeliers in town?


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  1. a couple of notes:

    1. it makes more sense, if your going to drink at least 3 glasses, to byob and pay the corkage. its less expensive and you can bring the wine you want.

    2. wines by the glass are not really a forte of any restaurant i can think of - perhaps spago.

    3. as for wine lists: valentino, pacific dining car, bistro 45, spago, chinois on main, campanile.

    4. i'm not that familiar with sommeliers (i usually bring my own), but ron @ pacific dining car is great.

    drink up


    1. Hi Kara, here's a link to an earlier thread that has some useful information for you.



      1. Parkway Grill deserves mention here-- they have an unusual 1999 Gregory Graham 1999 pinot noir, a Cakebread sauvignon blanc, Frog's Leap and Trefethen cabernets and a special on 1997 Domaine Drouhain pinot noir right now-- among other regular offerings.

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          But don't expect bargains, or even reasonable prices.

        2. This is a little late, but a great place for wines by the glass is the Little Door restaurant and wine bar. They have at least two dozen or more selections available by the glass, including some older vintages of bordeaux/cabs and some very boutique white wines. Not to mention that the food is pretty darn good and the ambience is wonderful. Another good bet for wines by the glass is Cayo restaurant in Pasadena-they have a good variety of wines by the glass and their bottles are reasonably priced as well. Also, Cayo has a very low corkage fee-only $2 a bottle!!! The food is pretty good not great professional cal-french although the chef definately has a way with foie gras. On a recent visit, halibut with morels and ramps was good but only when we got the dish did we realize the morels were reconstituted dried mushrooms instead of fresh. Tasted good anyway but it was a little disappointing given that fresh morels were coming into season.