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Jan 5, 2008 10:56 PM

Sak's Cafe (Sak's 5th Ave Store Bev Hills)

I have eaten here occasionally, but probably not for a couple of years. They had remodeled, and I nearly went into shock at the cost and the food. My "salad nicoise" was really open-faced tuna on their "special bread" with a few limp stringbeans drizzled with mustard sauce decorated with a few anchovies and nicoise olives. Okay, but $19.50?
My friend had the open faced grilled veggie sandwich which was just pathetic. Cut into 4 pieces each contained an artichoke heart and some chopped veggies in oil. Not attractive or very good. With a diet coke and an iced tea our bill was $47! The waiter was nice, but let's just say this wasn't his chosen profession or if it was, he should immediately consider a career change! Not very capable.
Next time I'm hungry and shopping, I'm walking up to Neiman's. At least their cafe was cheaper!

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  1. Don't forget about Barney Greengrass Deli at the top of Barney's

    1. If you are a Saks World Elite Member (or is it Premier Member?), they will comp you.

      1. I absolutely ADORE the restaurant downstairs at Neiman's. With the popovers. And the FULL BAR. I think it's called Mariposa. Now I want to go shopping.

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          I also like the "Bar on Four" at Neiman's. Solid food, full list of cocktails and very interesting people watching!

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            Yes, cute waiters...and the lobster club is delicious! Either that, or head downstairs to Mariposa for the popovers and cobb salad. Nice mid-shopping chow.

        2. The restaurant at Saks offers mediocre, overpriced food and terrible service. My favorite restaurant at Neiman's is the Fresh Market. Healthy, delicious food, great selection and wonderful service. Two of the friendliest servers in town: Reena and Ruben

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            I haven't eaten downstairs at Neiman's for a long while, I love the popovers and did mention them to my friend. We had checked out Fresh Market, but she's on a really strict diet so was a bit ambivalent. I wish we'd stayed there too! LOL about Barney's. I never shop there, but thought of the deli after lunch...sigh!
            BTW no longer am I a great customer at Saks. I had $100 gift card to use up, so no free lunch for me!