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Apr 18, 2001 04:23 AM

Century City Bests

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What's best for breakfast/ lunch/ happy hour/ dinner/ late night in Century City, particularly around Santa Monica/ Ave. of the Stars, but willing to travel. Thanks!

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    lonesome hobo

    Johnny's New York right on Santa Monica Bl. in Century City has about the best NY Pie in this area. Salads, calzone, spaghetti are all good too. I'm a pizza snob and will only eat pizza at four places in LA. Johnny's on SM Bl is #1, Joe Peep's in the Valley is #2, Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock is #3, and Grecco's NY (if it has just come out of the oven) is #4. Johnny's is the best.

    1. For lunch on Thursdays, the paella and the tamales are delish at the farmer's market! The tacos look pretty good, too (fresh soft tacos and salsa), but I haven't tried them yet. Also for lunch, Tacone in the marketplace at the mall is yummy - I like the grilled veggie and feta wrap and the sweet potato fires, which are dangerous. The Korean place is interesting, too.

      Houston's is not bad in a chain restaurant sort of way - the burgers are good, martinis decent, and the seared ahi salad not too bad. And I'm a sucker for dim lighting. But you wanted the best, didn't you? For dinner, Cafe Blanc and La Cachette are nearby (in either direction on Little Santa Monica) and supposed to be amazing, but I have yet to have the honor! Swanky cocktails at the Peninsula, St. Regis, or Century Plaza (or Harry's Bar?)...

      Johnny's is good, we always order it for the office - people start faxing in lunch orders at 8am!

      I'm at a blank when it comes to breakfast spots, but John O'Groats is not too far west on Pico - mmmm.

      As far as I can tell, it's DEAD in the late hours.

      You would think there would be more great restaurants in the neighborhood, with all the $$ swirling around!!

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        There was a terrific italian spot on Pico, just west of Fox called Primi. It was owned by the folks who own Valentino. Drove by there the other day to see it shut down. Does anyone know if it is closed down or just moved? It seemed to be pretty busy last time I was in there for a business lumch, but that was 3 years ago. I figured it would do boffo biz being so close to Fox and because there really aren't many "nice" lunch spots in or near CC.