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Jan 5, 2008 10:19 PM

Churros and Chocolate

Has anyone come across any place serving a traditional Spanish style Churros and Chocolate? I am talking thick hot chocolate served with warm fresh churros.

I heard mention that the club Espagnole on St. Laurent serves then on weekend mornings, but have no confirmation of this fact.

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  1. Don't know how authentic, but Au Pied de Cochon has their maple churros dessert. The Lebanese pastry vendor at the new Jean-Talon Market wing, makes a churros of some kind from what I remember(never been tempted to try it yet). Maybe during the year, at the Spanish festivals around town, their might be a vendor or two that would serve Spanish churros & chocolate.

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    1. re: BLM

      Those at APDC are not authentic in the least.

      1. re: mainsqueeze

        Yeah, but after the Café Robidoux, I was too drunk to notice. ;-)

        1. re: rcianci

          Ahaha. So true. Speaking of which, do you remember which liquers the Robidoux consists of? My boyfriend and I have been having a long-running argument about it. I could swear it's Cognac + Bailey's?

            1. re: mainsqueeze

              The time I had it was last August. I ordered it based on yours and SnackHappy's posts from last July. (Thank you, by the way.) They served me a shot of Bailey's and a shot of Cognac.

      2. I've gotten churros from La Chapina at 1259 Belanger a few times and I really like them, but I don't think they sell the chocolate you're talking about.

        1. Casa Tapas serves churros with a little pot of melted chocolate for desert (not milky hot chocolate), but they are pretty yummy anyhow. We brought back a little handheld churro maker from Spain on our last visit and haven't used it yet---your post has motivated me!

          1. Pintxo had them as a dessert a while back. I don't know if they still do - perhaps a seasonal item.

            1. The most authentic churros I've had in town were at Tapeo and at Casa Tapas - both were served with dipping chocolate.

              It's been so long since I've been to Casa Tapas that I honestly can't remember if they were great there or not. I figure if they offended me I'd remember.

              The ones at Tapeo were a bit dry, to be honest. I like Tapeo a lot for other things, but the churros were just okay.

              As for south/central american style churros, I love the ones at Churros Montreal (7497 St-Hubert), and the ones they sell at Sabor Latino (on Belanger near St-Denis.)