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Jan 5, 2008 10:14 PM

Locating spices in Akron-Cleveland Ohio

I want to make the gumbo and lime chicken in this months Fine Cooking magazine, but I can't locate Fenugreek or Gumbo File powder. Mustard Seed Market sells fenugreek, but they are sold out and didn't know when they will get more in stock.

I know that the new Cleveland area Penzeys store will have it, but that is a 1 hour drive from where in live in the Wooster area, and I don't feel like placing a order for $5.00 worth of spices.

I looked at Acme Click and Giant Eagle and neither stock it. I will call the West Point Market, as they might have it, but after that I am stumped.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I believe that Heather's Heat & Flavor has a store in Hudson. They have fantastic products.

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    1. re: NancyH

      I had never heard of Heathers, but I just looked at their site and it looks very promising.

      I assume that main street is Rt 91, or 303?

    2. Urban Herbs in the west side market might have it as well, but that's downtown cleveland, not sure if you want to drive that far.

      Heather's Heat & Flavor has online ordering, so if they have it, that would save you a trip.

      1. I just got home from Nature's Bin in Lakewood. I happen to notice that they have gumbo file while I was looking for another spice.

        You can find fenugreek in any Indian or Middle East import store. Are there any in Wooster?

        1. Did you try Buehler's? I have no idea if they have it, but they may have more specialty items than GE or Acme. Also, I'll bet if you call them and ask for it, someone will order it for you. I know there are several Buehler's in Wooster, where they are headquartered.

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            Buehlers is the local grocery, but they didn't have it at my local market, or the larger Milltown store.

            There was a quickie mart that catered to the large number of Indian students at COW, but I think they closed. I have yet to check the Wooster co-op, as they usually have a large selection of spices.

            I know of Natures Bin, but that is the same distance from me as the Penzeys location on the east side.

            I thought about making the trip to Penzeys and stopping at Trader Joe's, if I am going to make the trip.........