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Jan 5, 2008 09:53 PM

Hard to find ingredients help (Calgary)

I've been looking for several ingredients with no success for quite some time and hope someone else will have had better luck and can point me to the right stores. Specifically, I'm looking for:

quail eggs, squid ink, sunflower shoots, truffles, fois gras, squab, and llama.

I did find sunflower shoots once at the Britannia Sunterra but they never had them again and that was months ago. That may just be a seasonal issue, but they still have pea shoots so hard to say. Hope you can help!

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  1. hi there, hope this helps....

    quail eggs - some oriental markets like T&T (Harvest Hills & Pacific Place stores), Shun Fat (17th ave SE), Lucky Family (Forest Lawn)

    squid ink - Italian Supermarket on Edmonton Tr. look for it in the case behind the cashier's spot its about $13 for a small bottle, ask for Nero Al Seppia. personally I like using the ones in single use packets from Spain but I haven't seen those locally so I have to ask friends flying in from the US to buy for me (these come in boxes of 50's)

    foie gras - sunterra (Elbow Dr store) & lina's italian market (centre st) for smaller but more expensive retail packs or go to bonton meat market or second to none meats for whole lobes (comes out more reasonable) i buy the whole lobe, pre-slice this for pan searing, wrap the slices in foil and stock in my freezer. I bring out a couple of slices as needed. you can buy the lobe for between $50-90 (depending on the size) for a grade B from Hudson Valley Farms in the US. (vs buying a vacuum packed slice for around $35 at Lina's)

    sorry, haven't been buying the other items you were looking for. i've bought some good truffle cheese though from Springbank Cheese co on 14th St NW. there's also a good selection of truffle infused oils at Lina's Italian Market (look for these in the secured case right by the cashier)

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      Quail eggs at Superstore and at T and T. I've seen squab in the frozen poultry section of T and T as well.

    2. I've seen quail eggs at Superstore. Can't say I've ever purchased them before though.

      Good luck with everything else!

        1. In my search for good yogurt I sent an e-mail to Sunterra and got a really nice response. She actually phoned the supplier. The e-mail address is on the Sunterra website. You might send them your list and see what they have to say.

          1. foie gras and truffles (and truffle oil) can be bought at a new spot in Inglewood called Bite. it's on 9th between recordland and sugo (where the good earth was years ago).

            Bite sells mostly high end imports from italy (both foodstuffs and kitchenware), but they also have fresh foie gras and duck meat and a few other charcuterie-type items in some refrigerated displays at the back of the shop. This in addition to the assortment of import items on hand, like aged balsamic, artisanal dried pastas, etc. Kevin Kent sells knives out of there every saturday, so if you're also looking for a really fancy damascus steel japanese knife, that's where to go. When i was there the other week, i spotted the owner/chef of capo picking up a beautiful one-sided deba blade

            I was talking with the owner (of Bite), and she mentioned that she wants to get more staple items as well, so that the shop has a bit more of a neighbourhood grocer feel.

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            1. re: marcopolo

              Thanks for the tip Marcopolo. Looking duck breasts in particular, does she sell those?

              1. re: sweeterpea

                yep, i'm pretty sure they do.

                found this article on the web while looking for their number:

                "The real star of this food show, though, is the duck, bred under the Rougie brand in Quebec.

                This big, meaty poultry is available fresh whole (at $15 a kilogram, surely the best price in the city) and as breasts, legs and foie gras lobes. "

                1. re: sweeterpea

                  there was something about buying duck breasts in the current issue of city palate as well, it's not my favorite so I didn't pay attention to where they recommended but there was information there.

                2. re: marcopolo

                  Sounds like a great new place. I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can get in to check it out. Thanks for the tip!