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Jan 5, 2008 09:48 PM


First of all let me say that I am a little confused as to what a true Michigan is supposed to be?

Tomato or no? Seems our brethren from north of the border seem to think so. I grew up in the Capital Distric of NY where the Greek Diners do a very finely ground Meatsauce without tomato. Is that a Michigan too?

1. Redwood Rotterdam

2. Mikes Schenectady

3. Gus' Waterveleit

I was hoping for your picks and guidance and if anyone has a Greek Diner style recipe I'd be much obliged. The sauce I dig has a strange spice in it, I want to say it's cinnamon?

Today in Dania, FL I had a Quebec style Michigan and it was a spaghetti meatsauce...very different than what I grew up on.


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  1. Quebec-style Michigan Dogs in Florida, phew!

    You are right, there should be no tomato in the sauce. The true Michigans can be found in Plattsburgh, by the way. Check out this thread:

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      Thanks Xiao! That post is what prompted this one...

      1. re: Harp00n

        There used to be a "chain" in and around Albany called Hot Dog Charlies. Not as good as Mike's or Gus's (or the Newest Lunch in Schenectady for that matter).

        Welcome back Harp00n ! It's been awhile ...............

      2. Netmover,

        I will get the recipe this week for Charlie's Red Hots ( a much guarded recipe for Michigan's / Red Hots from Vermont. From what I remember, one of the keys is a real long and low temperature to get the right texture.

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          oh that'd be great TO! what's the secret spice?

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            Did you ever get this recipie??? I grew up on those things and have been trying to replicate it with not so good luck... All the other recipies with tomatoe just aren't the same as good ol Charlie's Red Hots!

            1. re: santito

              santito, this came to me over on the FL Board way back when...hope it helps!

              Net, poster Candy grew up with the same style you are looking for

              and Montreal has their own version

              Candy provides a recipe for you...


            2. re: TonyO

              when i was a child we lived three blocks from charlies red hots my dad and i went there almost everyday the owner was a friend of my dads. my brother worked there making the sauce with charlie plus serving customers. the key thing to a charlies is how you put it together. i have his recipe . the mustard people frenches tried to buy it from him and he laughed at themi make batches of it and freeze some for a emergency. it 's really not a guarded recipe charlies son has the red hot stand in mallets bay vt for sale and he's not sharing the recipe. apparently bad blood with local paper up here saying they they had the right recipe and published it boy were they way off

                1. re: vermonternative

                  Yea I have about 3 different versions of what the locals claim to be it.. including the one from the free press.. all are off just a bit... You willing to share that recipie? I used to live off of those things during the summer!!

                  1. re: vermonternative

                    If you do a CH search for "Michigan coney" you should get just one answer under the recipe button--one I posted a ways back. If you read my intro to the recipe it might be what you're looking for.

                    1. re: vermonternative

                      I was born and brought up in Vt. I lived there for a little over 50 years and now I live in North Carolina. I have known George Costopolis for many years and I could never get anything out of him when I talked to him about the recipe. I would give my left arm for about 4 of the hot dogs right now. You don't suppose you would be willing to share the recipe with me and make this old man put a smile on his face. I want it only for personal use only. If you don't want to part with it I do understand. If your brother worked at charlies shop on church st I probably knew him because I use to go there often, probably more often than I should have. Thank you. Just in case here is my email address,