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Jan 5, 2008 09:35 PM

Healthy brunch

The holidays were too good to me, so I am trying to stick to a reasonably healthy diet for a few weeks. Any casual, relaxed spots south of 42nd street where one can actually get a healthy brunch? I know that most places will have the salad or two, but that gets kind of boring, so if anyone can help with some other ideas, would be much appreciated.

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  1. Like you said, most places have some healthy options (eggwhite omelets, fruit plates, salads, etc). Off the top of my head, I know these places have a fair amount of healthy dishes for brunch:

    Organic Grill in the EV/LES
    Spring Street Natural in SoHo
    Sacred Chow in the WV
    Elephant and Castle in the WV
    City Bakery in Chelsea (watch out for the baked goods, though)
    Café Mogador or Orlin in the EV
    Westville in both the EV and WV

    1. Try Souen (prince & 6th ave) It's macrobiotic japanese. Healthy, but tasty. And if you sit by the window, it's a great spot for people-watching.

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        OMG.....I think I found my post holiday antidote in Souen, thank you. (I can't belive I have never been)

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          yay! so glad you liked it!!! I have been going there for years :-)

      2. One suggestion for healthy options in that area would be Josie's East at 565 3rd/37th. I haven't tried so maybe others can comment on the menu. Check out brunch menu at

        1. I really like quantum leap's brunch which is all organic and they have vegan and meat options.

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            Le Pain Quotidien (organic soups, salads and health oriented sandwiches)

          2. i just had a surprisingly healthy brunch at gemma - soft boiled eggs with whole wheat soldiers and an arugula salad. simple and tasty. it was also astonishingly uncrowded for a saturday at 1, considering how packed it is in the evening...