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Apr 18, 2001 01:41 AM

Quiet places on the Westside

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Looking for a special occasion place on the Westside, comfortable, not pretentious, outstanding food and most of all quiet.

Any suggestions? Price is no object.

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  1. You might consider Valentino's. I seem to recall that they have a patio? I don't remember it being too terribly noisy inside, in any case. They are on Pico just west of the Santa Monica Frwy between 31st and 32nd street. I have heard some really good things about Josie's at 2424 Pico, just a few blocks west of Valentino. One of them is that the restaurant is quiet. Another is that the food is excellent. Noise is a particular gripe of mine too. My wife and I find Guido's, on Santa Monica Blvd. just east of Bundy quiet, but the food is only good, not great. Finally I would say that Michael's in Santa Monica would be a good choice, with the caveat that I haven't been there in a few years.

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    1. re: Mike Kilgore

      You just might have a problem with that "not pretentious" part at Valentino.

      1. re: Mr Grub

        Point well taken. Attitude abounds at so many of the "top" restaurants that I begin to think of it as the norm, until I get service that is pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable. Of course, that just means the food wont be good.

        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          5 meals over 4 years at Vanentino and not a hint of an attitude yet. Ask for Paul Sherman to serve you. Without a doubt, get the gnocci. No, I am not a high roller, far from it.

          1. re: Larry
            Mike Kilgore

            Take a look at the posts starting with Jeff Falls review of Valentino on May 4th.

    2. Just scrolled down and found a couple of posts about Josie's. The first one was posted on 4/03. It got two good reviews.