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Jan 5, 2008 06:37 PM

Chesapeake Chicken and Ribs

Is C&R closed? I tried calling for delivery in Bethesda and it forwarded to the main restaurant which was disconnected. Did they go out of business? I thought they were very popular. Maybe they needed some help from Gordon Ramsey

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  1. Come and gone...

    Noticed they were out of business about a week ago as I passed by. I ate there once - had a barbecue chicken sandwich and a side (slaw?). I remember I was really underwhelmed and the price seemed high for the quality and amount.

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    1. re: MDBBQFiend

      I think it took down the original one on Kent Island. Noticed it looked close/empty when I drove by last week.

      1. re: frites

        One hates to see any business fail, and the folks there seemed nice enough, but I, for one, won't miss it. The chicken was bland and grossly overpriced. I hope this means more Bethesdans will check out the vastly superior Chicken on the Run, on St. Elmo.

        1. re: frites

          Closed or just closed for the season?

      2. Closed and gone. Never liked them long!

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        1. re: namret

          Thanks. I didn't think they were that great but they did deliver, which was a boon with a new baby. Ended up getting bbq from Redland on Rockville Pike. Not Urban BBQ quality but the sides are better and the chicken is decent. Plus, open later.