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Jan 5, 2008 05:46 PM

all night resturants in Seattle need help

I am looking for a resturant in seattle. I been there once it was dark and no windows it was open all night i forget the name and were it was help please.

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  1. 13 Coins?

    God knows, in Seattle there aren't many 24 hour joints to choose from.

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    1. in addition to denny's, shari's and ihop, these are the 24 hour spots in seattle that i know of:

      13 coins
      five point cafe
      hurricane cafe
      beth's cafe
      bcd tofu house

      out of business:
      stella's trattoria
      cafe minnies

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        Damn! and I thought Stella's was the "GOTO of all...

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          I'm not sure about ones in Seattle, but over in Bellevue the IHOP closes at 10pm weekdays, Midnight on weekends. As far as I know, there's practically nothing open after 10pm on the Eastside. Burgermaster stays open to Midnight (1AM Friday / Saturday), but beyond that I don't know of anything besides fast food or Denny's/Shari's type places that stay open late, much less 24 hours.

        2. 13 Coins is great - and for a little greasier grub Minnie's and Dicks are great options.

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            Minnie's is closed down, and Dicks is only open until 2am. If you're hunting for super late night food on Friday or Saturday, I know Ga Ga Loc in the ID (king and maynerd?) is usually open until 4am. not much else is edible at this hour, subway in the U-district? that's 24 hours and probably won't kill you.