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Jan 5, 2008 05:42 PM

Pumpernickel in Ardsley

Has anyone been? How is it? Is it a new "Marty's Mug and Munch" for people who have been in the area for a while....

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  1. I haven't been, but my mom's been a few times and has only good things to say. Seems it's definitely better than the place that was there before (the pancake place that charged for real maple syrup). I don't remember Marty's since I was a baby when my parents took me there, but from what they tell me, nothing will ever replace Marty's! Still, it's nice to have a decent option in Ardsley.

    1. Some family members took us there about 2 weeks ago when we were visiting. I understand that the owners are very nice people who know just about everyone in town but since I'm not local my opinion isn't colored by my feelings towards them.

      Honestly, I was underwhelmed. The service was excruciatingly slow. There was a little excitement, though, when the seriously inept server dropped a full glass of ice water on my daughter. Okay, accidents do happen, but taken together with the very long wait (tables seated after us were served and left the restaurant before we even got our food) and the just average food, I wasn't impressed. The owner stopped by our table several times and still no improvement in service. The only comp for my daughter's free shower and the crazy long wait was a free ice cream for the kid. This for a table of seven.

      To be fair, I believe they hadn't been open long yet and it does seem to be trying to be a neighborhood place. Still, as I told our relative, if it had just been my immediate family dining there, I would have paid for the beverages and left after about the first hour with no food. Maybe they just need more time to get it together.

      1. Hi tarrytown hound,
        I do remember Marty's well, and I don't know what could ever replace one of their burgers and onion rings! On the other hand, it was a pretty grungy place. We have been to Pumpernickel twice within the past week or so. It is the Taj Mahal compared to my recollection of Marty's. We waited for weeks to try Pumpernickel because we heard that the service was quite slow when they opened, and the lines were quite long.
        Although we went on weekend nights on both occasions, we deliberately picked "off times," 5:15 p.m. one time, and just past 7:30 on the other occasion. We did not have to wait morre than 5 minutes on either occasion. We thought the decor was really lovely for a local place, and they have flat screen TV's on the walls scattered throughout, especially for sports lovers. Half the space is dedicated to tables for dining, and that space is divided from the bar area. The bar area has a long counter, plus high tables where you can get drinks and food. There is also a waiting area in that part of the restaurant, complete with comfortable couches and chairs.

        The service was quite acceptable on both occasions. The waitresses were local college students who were very upbeat. The food was very good. My teenagers enjoyed the vegetarian cashew chili to start. The dinner entree salads were very good, clearly made with very fresh ingredients. One member of our family had a hamburger topped with a couple of different ingredients from the list (more exotic than what Marty used to offer!) and I had the roast vegetable wrap, which I also thought was very good. The ingredients were also obviously very fresh. This was not a wrap stuffed with green peppers, onions, and other low end vegetables I have encountered elsewhere. Zucchini, squash, red peppers, and other "better" ingredients were in this wrap. One son had a buffalo chicken wrap which he enjoyed. His sandwich seemed to be stuffed with chicken-no skimping. The prices seemed reasonable for the food. Although we are local people who do happen to know the owners, we are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. We are happy to have a good restaurant in that space.

        1. I just went there with my family and both the food and service were fantastic. I'm not from Ardsley and I still really enjoyed it...

          They have amazing old fashioned root beer that's served from a keg behind the bar. You can literally smell the root beer as they bring it to your was so good!

          Also, I recommend the loaded frips for an appetizer (although it's a lot of food). The frips is a potato that is cooked to resemble both a chip and a french fry. It is served with cheese, jalepenos, and pulled pork. For dinner, my husband and I both ordered burgers and they were great!

          It's definately a nice change of scenery if you're looking for good local pub food!

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          1. re: cmags512

            Tried it out tonight. Loved the decor. Can't believe it's the same place as the failed pancake restaurant. The menu is great, just what the area needs -- casual, reasonably priced sandwiches, salads and burgers (okay, not Marty's Mug and Munch, but the same idea...) and a great kids menu.

            We split the veggie wrap (it was great, very tasty!) and the Mediterranean salad. Both were very good.

            Our friends were disappointed with the asian salad (it came with a honey mustard dressing that our friend did not think matched the salad, she would have preferred a salad dressing with an asian flair) and liked the burger, but felt that it was very small.

            Our service was awful. It took close to an hour to get our food. It seemed even longer since we had four kids with us.

            We will go back to give it another try. But our friends were less impressed and probably would not go back.

            1. re: tarrytown hound

              I must say 1st that i have been here on 2 occasions and my fiance on 3 herself. I am also a chef and very in tuned with hospitality. We will never return to this place. The level of service is completely unacceptable (although our server tonight was sweet) there is no urgency and no direction of management, no teamwork between staff members....a completely indifferent and lethargic and uninterested staff. The food is tolerable but with such a disregard in other facets...i suggest spending your money elsewhere.

          2. I went last night for dinner. 2 adults, 3 kids, got seated at 5:30 when we arrived. We had burgers with sweet potato fries. The fries were awesome, but the burgers were very undercooked. I asked for medium and it was medium rare, friend's was medium rare and she asked for medium well. For me, I'd rather have them blue and walking, so I didn't complain. Friend didn't either, but I mentioned to the server that they were underdone and she offered to bring them back but friend did not take her up on that. We ordered 3 kids meals which seemed to come instantly. Both had a ton of food, and the kids were happy. Overall, I was very happy with both the food and the service, as have my neighbors who go about once a week. I'd definitely come back, but would remember that living in Ardsley, you're going to run into your neighbors, so dress the part. :-)