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Best Fancy Lunch in Toronto

Hey fellow foodies,

My better half just landed a new job and we wanted to celebrate by having a great lunch while the little one is at daycare. (Making it a lunch date takes care of the whole babysitting problem.)

Where would you go to have a really nice, semi-decadent lunch in central-downtown T.O.? I was thinking Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner - any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  1. I don't like Jamie at the Gardiner...big cold room...tables very close...food is good ...but ambiance lacks...how about the Rooftop Lounge at the Hyatt....great Lunch Menu...cozy fireplace.....Miranda

    1. Osgoode Hall! great food, lovely service and the other-worldly aspect of the lawyers and jusges in robes.

      The new cafe at the Gardiner doesn't appear to have the intimacy of the old one. It just looks soul-less and modern. Don't know about the food, was too bored by all the damn plates in the collection to want to stick around.

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        I agree with the others that Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner is not decadent or remotely romantic. The only thing I can think of right now is the Corner House, which bills itself as romantic but may not be, um, decadent.

        edited to add - it's open for lunch only on Fridays

        Corner House
        501 Davenport Avenue, Toronto, ON M3R 4R6, CA

      2. What about Canoe? I'd think based on reviews that it is the best restaurant in Toronto that serves lunch.

        1. Well, by decadent - I meant not a soup and sandwich kinda thing. (ie. That foie gras or similar would be on the menu. Thanks so much for the replies so far.

          1. Crystal 5 (C5) the new restaurant at the ROM maybe? It's modern and romantic depends on your perspective, it's a very luxe but minimalist dining room.

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              What do you think the price range would be for lunch? Thnx!

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                Not one of the current Top 5 list or anything but Jacques Bistro du Parc on Cumberland is a great little spot. The food is simply fantastic. Everything is perfectly done and the service is excellent. We love going there. Very french. Same family owned business, been around for probably something like 20-25 years. Starched white tablecloths, great view of yorkivlle. Lunch with wine would be roughly $100. They do an amazing homemade lemon tart which is a must have!

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                  Hmm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I imagine starters and mains are in the 11-25 range for lunch?

              2. I'd recommed the Gallery Grill at Hart House. Fantastic food and an incredible setting.

                1. Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons.........

                  1. Courtyard Cafe in Windsor Arms

                    1. I just got back from a pampered lunch at Siegfried's, the George Brown dining room. It was lovely. I had the three-course meal plus coffee and a glass of white wine. With tip, it was $24. The food was good, though not stellar. It began with a salad with roasted beets, then salmon on some sort of galette, then cooked pear with cardamom ice cream. The best was the dessert -- really lovely mixture of flavours. The other courses were fine, though a tad too much oil for my heart-healthy ways. The servings are also relatively small, so next time I'd take the soup as well (4-course meal = $15). Nice atmosphere, unhurried. I'd go again.
                      Note: Siegfried's is closing on Feb. 22 and will re-open in the fall at a new location on King.

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                        I forgot about this place. Although I wouldn't consider it anywhere near a fancy place for lunch as per the heading above - you get great value for your money. And the best part is the servers. I get a kick out of listening and watching them. It was pretty clear to us they were novices and it added to the charm and our overall experience.

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                          Yeah, I was sitting near the supervisor/instructor who was critiquing the students. They take their food seriously. I walked past a wine lab while there was a class in progress. It was fascinating to see: the instructor was up front with a map of France, and each student has a few bottles of wine next to them as they took notes.

                      2. Try Hart House on the U of T campus. Beautiful room with high ceilings and original artwork on the walls. Service is always spot on. I've never had a bad meal there.

                        1. you say semi-decadent? hmm.. I think a decadent choice would be harbour sixty.