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Jan 5, 2008 05:10 PM

China One in Durham closed?

Anyone know what happened to China One? I've been by there a couple times over the past few weeks, and the place seems to be completely abandoned with no sign on the door or anything; only a bunch of confused potential customers in the parking lot. I guess I'll have to get my Dim Sum fix elsewhere...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Where would you get dim sum in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill? I mean really good dim sum, worthy of San Francisco or New York.

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        1. re: eightlegeddj

          Good riddance. Worst Dim Sum I've ever had. Period.

          1. re: jmpswann

            I've had worse... guess it's time to try Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant off Guess Rd. Hopefully they're still in business.

            1. re: SenorSuarez

              they are...

              good lord, they're one of the few sit down chinese places left...i hope they stick around...

          2. re: eightlegeddj

            Unfortunately the answer to that would be SF or NY.

            But hey, you can't get a decent biscuit in NY for love or money so I guess it all evens out in the end. Something to look forward to on trips up North/out West, I guess.

          3. Hong Kong house has pretty good Dim Sum on the weekends...

            1. Well, I'm sad about it. Saying it's the worst dim sum ever is just ridiculous. They had some good stuff - it was a bit uneven sometimes, but still. I had plenty worse dim sum in China back in the day. You're just not going to find Chinatown-level restaurants without a Chinatown. Why is this "unfortunate"? There would be no need to travel if you could get everything everywhere and just think about how boring your life would be.

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              1. re: suse

                I don't think it's ridiculous. It was by far the worst Dim Sum I've ever had, pure horror... Maybe they knew they were closing down and just gave up...The staff was pushy and unhelpful, they wouldn't leave us alone. And the food... so horrible. Everything was ice cold, like it had been made 6 hours ago and they just left it on a non-steaming cart. The barbacued pork was bland and tough. Siu Mai was tasteless and gummy. The fried pork and mushroom dumplings were cold, greasy, and extra chewy. After choking down the abominations (which are normally some of our favorites) we decided to cut our losses and head for the door. Of all the Dim Sum I've had in the South, Northeast, West Coast, and Asia, this was by far the worst.

                I love Chinatowns; Chinese culture is strong in almost every major city in the world, and so is the food.

                1. re: jmpswann

                  So they must've just completely lost it by the time you got there. I take back my "ridiculous" if you just went once and obviously had such a horrible experience. We hadn't been in a while, and thankfully never experienced it quite like that. It used to be pretty decent and all the people we took there over the years liked it just fine. I guess I just wanted to remember it as the good dim sum place it used to be. In any case, that scary parking lot was obviously not an auspicious sign for a long life. I've only been once, but the buns I had at Grand Asia Market in Cary were good when I got them.