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Jan 5, 2008 04:53 PM

Tacky Christmas Party--ideas needed

OK--so we've decided to host a tacky Christmas party next weekend. All people will be wearing their tackiest Christmas garb, and our house will still look like Christmas. (Which on 1/12 is kind of tacky!) We're getting a keg of beer and hoping to do slushes for the non-beer drinkers. Do you have any winter type slushes? I'm thinking something with Kahlua...
Also, for food we're planning on meatballs, pigs in a blanket, and crackers with Easy Cheese. What other tacky appetizers are we forgetting? Any help is appreciated. This could be fun!

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  1. Mudslide; kahlua, bailey's, vodka mixed with ice in a blender for slushy version. Mozzarella sticks, crab rangoon for apps.

    1. get one of those prepared shrimp rings with cocktail sauce from the supermarket. Leave the plastic cover on. Don't remove the price tag.

      1. Well, you could make those meatballs in a crockpot with that infamous grape jelly-chili sauce stuff. Maybe some Jello Jigglers in red and green. And if you want to add a PA Dutch twist, make some Lebanon bologna and cream cheese roll-ups. Chips and Lipton Onion Soup dip.

        LOVE the Easy Cheese idea!

        1. Come on, you know you have to have em ... Jeno's Pizza Rolls.

          1. Not just Jigglers - Jello Shots in red & green! Just substitute vodka/rum/tequila for the cold water. Get some boxed wine for the non-beer folks. Slushies are better in the warm seasons.

            Don't forget jarred cheese dip. Generic potato chips straight outta the bag. Anything you can get at Sam's Club/Costco/BJ's in a 5 gallon jug.

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              Great idea on the jello shots! We could cut them out with Christmas cookie cutters, so they're extra "cute".

              1. re: 4maxwelz

                If you could somehow float canned peach tidbits in them and top them with cool whip, damn! And don't forget Little Smokies, in BBQ sauce in a Crock Pot, or the ones with weird cheese centers with a frilly toothpick! This is such a good idea, I'm totally doing this next year. And don't forget red keg cups, stacked with the plastic scrunched down.

                1. re: yamalam

                  Actually, the little smokies might not be tacky enough, depending on how you do it. Our coop had some organic little smokies from Applegate Farms to sample, in a ritzy excellent supergood BBQ sauce. So I ordered some of the little smokies from them. (By then, our coop wasn't carrying them, because demand wasn't great enough.) They are made with really good meat, not just remnant horrible stuff and are organic. My freezer is well stocked with them now. And I am looking forward to bringing some to an upcoming special party.

                  But unless you special order the special ones, yes, the grocery store little smokies in sauce, as our mothers made them, should fit the bill very well.