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New Dessert Cafe in San Diego - Eclipse Chocolat

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Eclipse Chocolat owner William Gustwiller has opened a new dessert cafe and chocolate shop on El Cajon Boulevard, just down the street from Livewire and around the corner from Mama's - also close to the Red Fox Room. I went by today and sampled a few things - he has some truffles with unusual flavor combinations, brownies with add-ins like Muscavado Sugar, his own marshmallows, gingerbread, etc. He's also doing a cheese plate with a burnt caramel sauce that sounded good. He has espresso drinks (using Caffe Calabria coffee) and his own drinking chocolate, including a delicious hot white chocolate with vanilla bean and orange. The shop is really nice inside with fancy furnishings and stylish details. He's got a special right now of a dessert platter for two for $12.99 - with four items on it. If you like sort of arty, innovative chocolates it's definitely worth checking out.

He's got a blog - www.eclipsechocolat.blogspot.com with more information about the shop and what he's doing. It sounds like he'll be doing some special events and adding some things to the menu. His chocolates are pretty good and he does nice little gift packages, etc. I think it will do well.

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  1. Hmm, will have to check it out after we finish our supply from Payard and leftover dessert from NYE. Glad to see you can get the truffles in N. County too!

    1. thanks for the report, it looks like just the thing I was thinking of when I was a little disappointed with heaven sent.

      1. Drinking chocolate! Yay! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

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          WOW!!! I just checked this place out thanks to these posts. If you are serious about chocolate--this is the place. AMAZING combinations of flavors and the desserts are fantastic. I'll never set foot in Extraordinary Desserts again!

        2. Damn, that place looks amazing. Will definitely be checking it out soon.

          1. ditto to nessy, extraordinary desserts way too reliant on massive amounts of sugar. eclipse has complex flavors that are much more creative and taste better too. great place!!!

            1. Went by last Friday. Had drinking chocolates, an amazing cinnamon roll, and took some truffles home and then ate them 15 minutes later. I really liked everything. Also, we went after dark, and it's not too bad of an area. The bar next door seemed lively (the Live Wire).

              For the drinking chocolates, I was expecting a Spanish style "churros y chocolate" kind of chocolate, but it wasn't like that. It was still good, but I am really missing that thick, dipping chocolate.

              They also had s'mores, which looked amazing. Every time I look at the website, I want to head over there.

              As a side note, they have both air conditioning and free wi-fi, which I'm told is a rarity in the area.

              Anyway, head on over. You won't regret it.

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                We visited Eclipse for the first time today. Wow, what a great place. I had the drinking chocolate with chili and caramel - the sweet hits the palate first, then the heat comes along. Good housemade marshmellows were served on the side. It was wonderful. My SO had a latte with an add-in (can't remember which) and he enjoyed it very much. We also purchased brownies for dessert tonight.

                What drew us in, besides the chocolate, was the free wi-fi. We each got some work done there this afternoon. If you're on the lookout for free wi-fi, this is a great place, because not only does the wi-fi work, but there are plenty of electrical outlets, too.

                We'll definitely be back. Thanks for introducing us to this place, CH'ers.