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Jan 5, 2008 04:19 PM

Frida's Taqueria - Brentwood Country Mart - Opening Day

It was opening day at Frida's Taqueria at the Brentwood Country Mart today. As a BCM local, I thought it my duty to give them a try immediately upon their long-delayed opening.

I had grabbed a to go menu with the intent to call and pre-order food. But when I called the #, I reached a nice woman who does not run a taco shop. They printed the wrong # on the menu. Not a good sign in the attention to detail dept., but I pressed on.

Arrived in person at 1230PM and waited in a short line and ordered at the window:

- tacos - cochinita pibil, barbacoa, asada, carnitas, pollo con mole, pollo regular.
- sopes - carnitas, asada
- chips, salsa, beans, rice

It was opening day, so they apologized about the lack of cochinita pibil and barbacoa, but the others were available so I ran home with my sack of tacos and got down to business.

Tacos - very generously stuffed, served on small corn tortillas (not fresh, I don't think)
Mole - good, saucy, tasty
Carnitas - VERY salty, but good
Asada - kind of gray and lacking any char or crunch.
Pollo - tasted like chicken

Sopes - I've seen thicker, more rustic sopes at a half-dozen places, but they were piled high with good stuff. The salty beans plus salty carnitas made for a little bit too salty of an experience. The asada sope suffered from the not so complex meat and the salty beans, but the whole combo was admittedly enjoyable.

Chips - salty and good.

Beans - Salty but good.

Rice - not quite right, but I like where they're going. They'll get the texture right in the next week or so.

Green Salsa - good, fresh, spicy; Orange Salsa - good, smoky, fresh and spicy

All this grub and a diet coke was $32, ready promptly, and packaged neatly for easy transit. I will definitely be back. If Frida is this good on day one, I'm excited to see what they can do come Cinco de Mayo.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of money for what you got. How much are the tacos and sopes? It sounds as if you got 3 tacos and one sope, beans and rice and a coke. Maybe I got it wrong. Good report.

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    1. re: Just Larry

      Good eye, Larry. I failed to mention that there were some multiples in there. 6 tacos, 2 sopes, beans, rice, chips/salsa and the coke. Sopes were $3-4, tacos are $2.50 - 4, beans and rice sides were 1.75 each, chips/salsa (generous amount) were $1.50. Smiles are free.

      1. re: techbod

        I think they are hiding the cost of the smiles in with the other prices! Damn! not cheap or reasonable, in Los Feliz you might pay 22-24 at El Gran Burrito or even Cactus in Hollywood.

        1. re: Burger Boy

          Yeah, but this is a whole different kinda type of place. At Fridas in BH, a Lunch Taco plate costs around $15....

          I am looking forward to trying this out... I actually loved the tacos at Fridas (Especially when the boss was paying), so having the Ala Carte choice for a bit cheaper really appeals to me...


    2. Thanks for the report. We will definitely try it. It sounds too salty for my taste -- I have a very low tolerance for salt and my husband needs to limit his salt intake. However, anything that gets me closer to a hot choc chip cookie from City Bakery is okay....