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Jan 5, 2008 04:15 PM

Need Houston Indian Recommendations

Just going to be here a few days and since Houston has one of the largest (if not the largest) population of sub-continental Indians in the U.S., I'd like to experience the best Houston has to offer. We happen to be staying near So Main/610, but would be happy to travel for good eats. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I think Kiran's and Indika are both really, really good. I'd describe Kiran's as traditional upscale, and Indika as trendy upscale. Both are fairly close ("close" in Houston terms) to where you'll be staying. There are 49 Indian restaurants listed on the website --many of which are not as fancy as these two--so click on "Indian" and check out all the reviews.

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      Been doing just that, Maryann, and I must say I'm really impressed by all the positive reviews of Himalaya. It's pretty close to us and they serve goat! Thanks for your recommendations as well.

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        I was going to recommend Himalaya - it is my choice for the 'don't miss' chow destination in Houston right now. Food is excellent and also an excellent value. Did you see the menu on b4? Be advised that's a little out of date. Naan is the best I've ever had. I usually just go for the daily lunch special (now $7.99). It is a quirky place but that shouldn't bother a true Chowhound.

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        Kiran's is superb. It is quite a bit more expensive than many other places though, and some of that cost is definitely for a more elegant setting and service which may or may not matter to you.

      3. Himmalaya is my fav.
        La Sanai is really good.
        Royal, way out west on Bissonnet is a trip. Great food with a segregated room.
        Heritage in Stafford is very tasty.

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          jscarbor--where's Heritage? I can't find it on b4-u-eat.

        2. There is a large Indian population out in Sugar Land, so there are several good restaurants there. My favorite is Cafe India, on Williams Trace just off Highway 6; their service is not always so great, but the food is excellent.

          Indika is different, and very good.

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            What about London Sizzler? I personally haven't been but I have Indian and some British ex pat friends who highly recommend it.

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              I've had a drink there but no food(how could I with Himalaya right near there?) but talking to the bartender he assured me it was authentic Indian/British food=). He says the tikka masala is very good but I am not a huge tikka massala guy. He also told me the vindalo is good. I'll give it a try one day and watch some crickett or something on their vintage big screens.

          2. Just a note to say we absolutely loved our meal at Himalaya and enjoyed visiting the Indian Grocery store in the same strip mall. I had the Goat Masala and my wife had a spicy chicken dish whose name eludes me. Service was good and food cooked to order. While it's far from a fancy restaurant, the food much more than makes up for lack of atmosphere and the owner is most accomodating.

            1. My fav is La Sani Restaurant, 9621 Bissonnet St., 77036. The spicy goat "stews" are amazing. Mango lassis are good too. excellent rice as well.

              Himmalaya is also high on my list. Indika ( 516 Westheimer, 77006) is more of a fusion between modern and traditional Indian cuisine, but it is very tasty if not always traditional. It's also trendy, modern and upscale. The food is good but sometimes that atmosphere turns me off.

              Good luck & I hope you enjoy your short time in our city!