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Jan 5, 2008 03:38 PM

where to find fresh kaffir lime leaves in nyc

Can't find fresh lime leaves anymore at Bangkok Center grocery in Chinatown. Anyone know where they currently sell fresh Kaffir lime leaves? Or frozen? Thanks!

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    1. re: Lettucepray

      Wanted to actually get them at a retail store in the city (have been spoiled by a great supply that recently stopped at the Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco St. in Chinatown. But I called Kalustyan's tonight and they do have them, miraculously, and they are supposedly fresh (I wouldn't mind frozen, since I freeze them once I get home anyway). Thanks for your link suggestion, though. Definitely looks like a viable source. A.

      1. re: alismith2

        I've purchased them at the Thai restaurant in the Chelsea Market before. Haven't done so in a long time, but they probably still have them there.

        1. re: banquo

          Yes, they do. They're $7.00 for a baggie of them.



          1. re: banquo

            I called that place in Chelsea Market and they were out. Hopefully
            Kalustyan's. Has anyone actually seen them at Fairway recently?

          2. re: alismith2

            So the Thai grocery on Mosco St. no longer has them? That's where I always got my stash... any word on how/why the source dried up and if there are plans on being able to get them again?

            1. re: mjps2

              Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco has no immediate source.

        2. Fairway on 72nd and B'way has them.

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          1. re: meldrom

            Really? In what area of the store?

            1. re: meldrom

              Are you serious about Fairway having fresh Kaffir lime leaves? Or frozen? How about the Fairway in Red Hook, anyone know if they also carry these?

              1. re: NYCkaren

                Thai on Mosco has frozen limes whose skin can be used.
                I spoke to several store owners after trying for the lime leaves. The composite story is that the Florida lime trees have to be cut due to pests that might effect all
                citrus trees. The leaves in california are too young to harvest and it seems Thailand is the only source for 2-4 weeks. I you can find leaves get some extra

              2. I saw fresh ones at the new Whole Foods in Tribeca the other day...

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                1. I just saw a box at the Indian grocer on 1st Ave. between 5th and 6th.