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Jan 5, 2008 03:19 PM

Chicago Style Pizza in Seattle?

I have a friend who is coming home from overseas and all he has been asking for is Chicago- style pizza. We are both from Chicago and living in Seattle and I feel this may be a vain search but that is what he wants? Does any former Chicagoans have any suggestions, city search has a place up in u-village but the reviews looked really hit or miss. (and when i say chicago style i mean Gino's East or Giordano's not the same but both good).

Any one have any thoughts?

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  1. Have yet to find any around here. Somebody told me they ordered Lou Malnati's deep dish from www.tastesofchicago.com , arrives by UPS next day air, flash frozen, just put it in the oven, they said it came out great.

    1. Maybe Delfinos. http://delfinospizza.com/

      I haven't been there but several friends have and think it's excellent.

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        Yes, Delfinos is the closest you will come to Chicago style pizza. I think they even got their oven from Chicago. I love the stuffed spinach/sausage.

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          I was sorely disappointed in Delfino's--I didn't think it came close to places like Gino's East or Giordano's.

          The closest I've found in the Seattle area to good Chicago-style pizza is The Pizza Place up in North Bend. They claim that they got their recipe for the crust from one of the famous Chicago pizza places, on the promise that they'd never tell which one and never use it in Chicago. Their pizza isn't world-class, but it's pretty good. If your friend has the craving that bad, and he's not getting to Chicago for the real deal anytime soon, it's probably worth the drive up there.


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            Delfino's USED to be good. The past few times I've been there, the pizza is barely passable. Definitely not the pie place it used to be.

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              That's too bad. When I was a student, I use to scrape together change for a long time before I can go eat there. And holy inflation! Everything on their menu on their website is now almost double!

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                And what's more, the one time I went there a few months ago,it had the worst service of any restaurant I've ever been to in Seattle, period. Everyone in the restaurant had to get up and walk over to the waitresses to get anything,among other problems.

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                    It's even bad when all you want is a pizza from the freezer by the cash-register. I don't know where the attention is going, but it's not the customers...

              2. Fly down to Oakland, CA and pick up a couple of half-baked pies from Zachary's. Seriously. Much better than having frozen pies shipped from Giordano's & not all that much more expensive when you factor in their ridiculous shipping charges.


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                  This is like saying drive to Vancouver for Chinese food only not as helpful.

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                    Why? If the OP's ideal is Giordano's, and it's really a special occasion, why not? I've ordered the frozen pies from Giordano's and they don't really hold up. They're also expensive - 4 pies overnighted in dry ice will run about $150.

                    Zachary's half-baked pies are superior & round-trip airfare to Oakland is typically $175 or so. Fly down, take the BART to Rockridge, pick up pies, turn around. Pop them in a 450 oven for ~20 mins & enjoy. If this sounds like the voice of experience, it is. (OK, I didn't go down just for pizza, but I do make it a point to bring back Zach's every time I'm in the Bay Area flying out of OAK.)

                    Both are going to beat anything you can get locally.

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                      4 Lou Malnati pies from tastesofchicago.com are under $80 including next day shipping. haven't tried them personally but reliable reports (from a former intern at French Laundry, fwiw) are favorable.

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                        Lou Malnati's frozen are much better than Zachary's in SFO, in my opinion.

                        Delfino's in the U District is ok, but nothing like the real deal. I haven't found a place here yet that will hit the spot for Chicago pizza.

                        Also, if you are in need of a Portillo's fix they overnight hot dogs, fixings, and italian beef :) I've done that before when I missed Chicago.

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                          Tried the Lou Malnati's frozen pizza. Wow. I'd forgotten just how good that style can be, even after being frozen and shipped and thawed/baked. The pepperoni was good but the Italian sausage was the bomb-- big sausage patties (not too salty), great sweet tomato sauce, buttery crust, tons of cheese. (Bake for almost an hour to get the cheese really molten.) Not as deep-dish as some other Chicago pizzas, and probably not as good as it would be fresh out of the oven, but if somebody could reproduce that quality here, they would make a killing.

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                            So did you fly it in? or is it available locally?

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                              you can buy them online and then it's overnighted out here

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                              I think that's the main thing I miss, if you don't as for it specifically "crumbled" you get these killer sausage patties. They used to have a Malnati's around the corner from my office, my waistline is probably happy I no longer live in Chicago :)