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Jan 5, 2008 02:12 PM

Cuisinart Enameled Cast Iron

Has anyone ever used this line of enameled cast iron cookware?

It's "officially" called Cuisinart Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron.

I bought a 5 qt. cherry red round one for $50 and a 5.5 qt. cherry red oval one for $60 at marshalls. they look so nice, feel good, and the price was just too good to pass up.

They look really similar to le creuset....and i have never owned a le creuset so i can't make the comparison - but so far, i am SO happy w/ my purchase - and they have a lifetime warranty.

Just curious if any of you have tried it. I was looking to get an oval dutch oven at the le creuset outlet - but it was still pricey.

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  1. FANTASTIC ITEM & PRICE!!! I, too, bought one @ Marshall's -- 7.5 qt. for $80. Twas a much better price than the one we bought for our son, also @ Marshall's:
    LeCrueset 7.5 for $150, which was still a great price for that brand. Have made great beef stew, roast beef & chicken in the oven, as well as baked apples. Stovetop
    produced wonderful potato corn chowder, Skyline (Cincinnati) chile, spaghetti sauce, etc. etc. etc. My son, who is a chef, has had similar good reports with his LeCrueset.
    He bought one as a wedding gift for friends; I'm buying one as a bridal shower gift. Can't say enough good about both. Secret to good stewing in the oven is browning the beef/pork first -- I find it much more tender. Only problem is they're so heavy!!!

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      I've just bought one. A 5 quart in blue. Very attractive but I have no idea how well it will cook yet. Funny you should find it so heavy. That's the one thing I worry about with mine is it is so light. My 5 quart kitchen aid oval one is much heavier

    2. Wow what a price. A 5 & 1/2 quart round at Chefs is 239 so you got a deal. I use it atleast once a week during the winter months. It is fantastic and easy to clean. It is pricey but it should last a lifetime.

      Right now I cooking Puerto Pibil which is the pork dish from "Once upon a Time in Mexico" Johnny Debb orders it in every restaurant and if it is to good he shots the cook if is to good. A meal to die for

      1. yes i have this exact item. i really like it and use it often, both on stove top and in oven. My only reservation is that the ceramic knob on top is suddenly getting wobbly, after about 6 months of solid use. we have checked it and it's actually not loose, just not fitting as well as it did. i think something must be changing due to heat... if we could get a little washer in the lid, it will be fine, but right now it is still good!

        I have OLD le cru cookware - all vintage - so it's hard to say if they are still the same, but the major difference i have noticed is that the cuisinart is thicker and heavier. given that it's cast iron, that should be a benefit, but apparently it indicates a lower quality cast iron (or so i've been told...) all my le cru is from france. the cuisinart is from china. i don't like buying stuff from china if i can avoid it, but i admit the price was so good on this , the color is beautiful, it's a cuisinart product... i got it and really love it: i use it A LOT!! it even looks good on my shelving! i would recommend this dutch oven, even with the wobbly knob..

        1. I too purchased a cuisinart 7 qt Dutch oven in cream from Marshall for $69.99. I am very happy with it and it is as good as the very expensive le creuset. I gad the choice of buying one of them as well at Marshall's but they were smaller and cost $249. and up. I also own a Wolfgang Puck 5 qt Dutch oven ($49.99) and it works just as good too.