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Jan 5, 2008 01:41 PM

My obsession with china

Some time past, there was a thread about changing the china you use, depending upon the season. Hmm. I'm at the point where I can nearly change my dinnerware on a monthly basis, yet I find that I don't have anything suitable for the post-holiday period. I have a desire for some stoneware with a brown litho, like one of the Spode patterns. I need this like a need a hole in the head.

What are Chowhounds - those with the dinnerware addiction - using during the bleak midwinter?

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  1. I can't identify with the china but I used to have the same problem with espresso cups and saucers.

    1. I never really thought about this "issue" -- but it seems to me that if you find the mid-winter "bleak" that the last thing you need is brown dinnerware. I think this is a time to bring the color! Plus, it's a time to be less formal, after all the formal entertaining of the holiday season. I'd be inclined to experiment with mixing different patterns to create a colorful, playful atmosphere. Play with what you have! The other idea that appeals to me would be to get some really old-fashioned floral china that would create a cozy, homey atmosphere. Maybe go out to some thrift stores, auctions, etc. and pick up some vintage plates.

      1. I agree that brown Spode will be a bit depressing, unless you don't get that vibe from brown. Most of us do. How about a Valentine's theme? I just saw the cutest things in the Sur Le Table catalogue -- red and white polka dots, etc. Not china, but less formal and lots of fun. That should hold you over at least until late February.

        1. I was just thinking about this addiction this afternoon as I made pathetic inroads into the Tibetan chest I use to store a lot of china! I've been using Alice by Gien lately - pansies, grape hyacinths and snow drops:

          I agree with others that the brown is a bit depressing this time of year. I have a number of random pieces of Aesthetic brown transferware that I use in my kitchen to hold small utensils in etc., but I'm generally not a big fan of brown.

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            That's very pretty, and seasonally appropriate, I think.

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              Very old post, I know, but those are just beautiful. Stunning. And those are some of my favorite flowers also.

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                just looked at this site--what an absolutely beautiful collection. I could easily be a dishware junkie

              2. For some reason this time of year I gravitate to silver and white. Maybe it's a "can't beat 'em join 'em" thing with all the snow outside. I love how clean it all looks.