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Jan 5, 2008 01:34 PM

Anita's in Fullerton near Costco

Anita's in Fullerton near Costco was recently recommended. Before I "invest" the gasoline to drive there from west Garden Grove, I'd appreciate some comments on the food, service, and atmosphere for our dining party of six. What to order/avoid?

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  1. I think Anita's is best for their New Mexico items-- the Mexican items are only fair.
    Recommended: Posole, sopapillas, Indian fry bread tacos, the Pork Adovada. Dishes with chiles are good since they bring theirs in from NM.

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    1. re: OCBites

      Pretty much. If you're disappointed, you can go have a Chicago hot dog at Chicago Harv's on Commonwealth and not waste the whole trip...

    2. Their New Mexican dishes are just OK...but since it is the only place in town serving the green and the be honest, Mrs. Travelpath and I travel to ABQ a couple times per year and can't tolerate Anitas's any more...but if you must...their carne adovada is passable as is their chile verde...and if I remember, they have stuffed sopaipillas...their plain sopaipillas are a little tough but when hot with honey...not bad!

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      1. re: TravelPath

        Our new son-in-law is from ABQ so perhaps that's why it was recommended to my daughter, who wants to go there with us the next time they visit us. We'll ask his opinion on the food and report back.

        1. re: Joani Macaroni

          Well... it's about as good as it gets for "red or green?" type New-Mex food in LA. Which is really sad, because it wouldn't even be a neighbourhood hangout in ABQ.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            It is really sad...New Mexican cuisine is sooo superior to the average Tex-Mex...and even to some authentic Mexican...the alchemy of the "red and green" is very special...Anita's would not survive a month in Alberquerque or Santa Fe or any other place in N.M....sigh...I am getting a craving...I guess I will have to make my own carne adovada stuffed sopapillas tomorrow (with my stash of Chimayo Red!)