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Jan 5, 2008 12:40 PM

Has Taverna Opa gone downhill?

Was thinking of going to either the hollywood or ft. lauderdale location tonight for a birthday dinner but have been reading on this site that the food quality hasnt been so great. i have always enjoyed it but its been a few years so anyone who has been recently please chime in!

Also any other suggestions for dinner in broward county tonight would be great. Please no italian. We are looking for something that is not too expensive (ideally where the entrees are under $25) so many of the las olas restaurants are out. East or West Broward doesnt matter. There will be four of us and we like pretty much everything but do not eat shellfish. Thanks is advance.

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  1. I couldn't say, because I haven't been to Taverna Opa recently, but I do recall seeing a strip along the bottom of their billboard on I-95 promoting franchise opportunities. I may be wrong but hat, to me, implies a focus on expansion and profits at the expense of quality food and service.

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      copydoc makes a good point.

      I happen to love the food at OPA (South Beach anyway). I beleive the rest of the country and world needs a concept like this.

      Once you franchise things don't you simply transfer the know how and recipes you have been using? I don't see an operation subing out the quality products that led them to their success. Who knows, as they get bigger they may look to do just that. Cut deals with big manufaturers in lieu of quality. Once them big boy bean counters have at it they very well's not super gourmet or Prime beef...but it is definately good quality Greek...OH and it is FUN + FOOD = OPA

    2. I'm sure their ouzo is still good and that plus their "party" atmosphere is what made the place fun to begin with IMO. I'd like to hear what others say but I don't think the food was ever the star.

      1. I've never been to Taverna Opa, so I can't critique the quality. If you're looking for other options, we went to Mythos in Coral Springs and really enjoyed it.

        1. Thanks for all the replies, I definitely never thought the food at OPA was the star of the show but remembered it being decent to pretty good, with a fun atmosphere, however read on this site that food was coming out cold or not arriving at all which to me puts a damper on the meal. Anyway thanks for the franchising insights from all, we ended up at Bluepoint at the Seminole Hardrock, food was fine but not sepctacular, we ordered the fish tacos, mahi mahi, chicken, and calamari. Nothing too memorable but all fine and the service was quick, friendly and all requests were honored and executed perfectly. We chose the Seminole thinking we would be able to go from dinner to something with more of a party atmosphere but at 9pm on Saturday night the whole place was while not dead, pretty subdued. Our server said thats how things are the first week of January but still ....

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