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Apr 13, 2001 07:28 PM

Sunday brunch near 3rd and Cresent?

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Looking for a place to have Sunday brunch in La. One person is vegetarian. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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  1. Red on Beverly Blvd. is a fun place to see and be seen and the food is quite satisfying if not superb.

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    1. re: Ronald Young
      Michael Robertson Moore

      Doughboys on 3rd just west of Crescent Heights. Fine breakfasts.

      1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

        Cafe Latte in a minimall on Wilshire and C.H.; Campanile on La Brea, south of Wilshire; Quality on Third; there's also a new bakery on the north side of third that's opened recently, it's a few blocks west of C.H.

        1. re: S/Z

          Caffe Latte has been consistently my favorite brunch place for years. O.K., so it lacks the elegance (and overall breakfast amazingness) of Campanile or Joe's in Venice, or the hip minimalist pomo-diner aesthetic of Quality. However, the quality of the food and coffee, fair prices, efficient service, and lack of attention paid to decor (a good thing here, I think) make it a brunch/lunch place that hits the spot every time. Maybe the Hugo's connection, which I can't exactly remember now, has something to do with it. Delish herbed hash browns--think upscale Denny's. They've recently reopened for dinner, a practice they dropped for a while. Honestly I don't enjoy evening meals there much...

          Anyway, if you're not in a splurgy mood and don't want the hard core 'tude of Millie's across town or Doughboys, than C.L. is the joint. I'm actually a Quality Food and Beverage fan, too. Their offerings are very basic, less creative than Doughboys or Latte, but this is an asset. They try to nail the standards and make excellent lunch salads. Kick ass fresh biscuits. I've got "issues" with Doughboys, and despite always wanting to avoid going there, it was inevitable when I worked on the same block. Fortunately I no longer have the guilt of patronizing that establishment since I changed jobs. I plan to try what was formerly L'Opera on 3rd soon.

          While we're on the subject of breakfast, anyone been to Madame Matisse (correct name?) located in what was the Millie's pizza take out on the corner of Maltman and Sunset?

        2. re: Michael Robertson Moore

          I think Doughboys is the best of the 3rd and Beverly breakfast/brunch spots. (Excluding Campanile and other "high end" estab's...that's a little grand for my Saturday morning budget.) I see Jessica doesn't like it, and there's plenty to dislike - the weekend wait, the spotty service, the grandiose portions (Jessica, what specifically did you dislike?). But I love the hash, the SOS, the omelets, the cookies. Yum. Me and my compadres have never had a bad meal there.

          Caffe Latte on Wilshire is a real gem, too. No pretensions, just straight up good chow (and everyone I've encountered who works there is warm and friendly).