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Jan 5, 2008 11:24 AM

McKenzie Brew Pub

Anyone ever been? We love brew pubs like Victory, Stoudts, Iron Hill and the General Lafayette. Thanks for the input!

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  1. It's inferior to all of those. One beer of theirs won some kind of award recently, I had one there and it was decent but not good enough to warrant a trip there just for that. The food is not as good as any of the four places you mention (though General Lafayette is pretty close, and not in a good way).

    1. Agreed on the food at the General. Their beer selection has been lacking lately too. I'll scratch McKenzie's off the list. Thanks

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        Agreed....McKenzies is nothing like the others....poor at best.

        1. re: Major504

          Agree about McKenzies- only positive thing is the outside deck in the nice weather!
          Are you wanting brew pubs more for the beer or the food? I enjoyed the beer at Sly Fox, but not the food.

      2. Given a choice between a "crap on tap" place and McKenzie's I'd choose the latter at the drop of a hat. But for me it is the least memorable of all of our local brewpubs. For instance, I know that I hate Noddinghead and dislike Triumph at New Hope (oddly, Triumph Philadelphia is great). But despite having been to McKenzie's at least a half dozen times I'm left with no impression of the place. That's not good.

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          We still stop in once in a while but agree it's just ok at best. We more often drive out of our way to Victory. Love Sly Fox beer but the food is just ok. The Royersford location is better though. We like Nodding Head and Triumph New Hope. Haven't been to the Phila. one yet.

        2. Sunday brunch at McKenzie Brew Pub is fun. We went there for Father's Day 2007 and I wasn't disappointed in the least. It could be that I'm not all that picky but, after a few Bloody Mary's, their Smoked BBQ Chicken Quesadilla (cheddar cheese, bell peppers, salsa, guacamole, sour cream), and an order of Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs, corn tortilla, ranchero sauce, spicy refried beans garnished with guacamole & sour cream) I was more than satisfied as far as "pub grub" is concerned.

          Next time I go I'll review it as a brewery. Hope they'll have some kind of IPA on tap.

          P.S. -- Rest in peace to its former restaurant, Cafe la Grande, which had great all-you-can-eat crab leg nights and was a memorable place for various family events in my life ...

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            "Next time I go I'll review it as a brewery. Hope they'll have some kind of IPA on tap."

            They didn't have an IPA when you went for Sunday brunch? I kinda of recall the same thing occuring when I went. To me a pale and an IPA should be standard these days (along with a stout, brown, belgian style and a lager).