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Jan 5, 2008 11:14 AM

KC - Anniversary trip, where to go?

Our 10th anniversary is coming up and I've secured a sitter for the 3 kiddos overnight (no easy feat!). Where should we go within and hour or 2 for the night to stay and eat? I'm thinking Justus Drugstore in Smithville or Krause Dining in Lawrence. Any thoughts on either or other options? Can anyone recommend a B&B or something similar in either area?

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  1. It doesn't look like there are any B&B's or anything beyond a Motel 6 in Smithville - anyone know?

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      After dinner in Smithville you could always go to Weston, only 20 miles from Smithville. Cool little town, check out O'Malley's Irish Pub inside a 160 year old brewery celler , 3 levels of pubs all under ground. There are a few nice B&B's in Weston, We have stayed in two of them both were very nice. Benner House Bed and Breakfest and The Hachery House.

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        The Elms in Exelsior Springs has recently had a remodel. Its supposed to be very nice, although not a B&B.

      2. I'd recommend staying at The Elms in Excelsior Springs if eating at Justus Drugstore. It's a straight shot down Hwy 92 between the two towns. If you're determined to stay at a B&B, then the most highly acclaimed one in KC is Southmoreland on the Plaza.

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          Thanks for all the responses. For one reason or another we're staying in town (downtown) and would love some recommendations on where to eat. I like to think I know were you all will point us to but just in case....we'll be staying downtown, not the Plaza.

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            Michael Smith would be my first choice if you're staying downtown.

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              Le Fou Frog, 1924 Main or Michael Smith, all three are very good.