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Jan 5, 2008 11:08 AM

Barrio - Gone

So this morning we thought that we would go to Barrio for brunch but the sign was gone and the place was locked up tight. Anyone know what happened?

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    1. They wouldn't give you bread with your eggs!

      Watch out Urbano!

      ; )

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      1. re: deelicious

        haha - not surprising re Barrio really, it was briefly good but went downhill

      2. Although I know some of you loved the place, and especially the brunch, they went way downhill after the original partners split. Prices rose, food got much less interesting, and much of the place - especially the upholstery - got really dirty. It's a loss to the neighbourhood, but cutting quality and maintenance while raising prices to compensate for declining business is never a winning formula.

        1. While at the Mercury last night I heard that Barrio is, apparently, only closed briefly to take care of a sewage leak in the basement. I seem to recall something similar happening to Kubo in the fall, no? Anyway, even if that is the case, why did they take the sign down? Just weird.

          BTW, while there for brunch in the fall I was served a chicken cutlet that was completely raw in the middle. I was seated in the back part of the restaurant, where it's pretty dark, and didn't catch it right away. Although the manager was very good about clearing everything up (my replacement meal was comped, my brunch buddy and I were offered whatever we wanted from the bar for free for the rest of our meal and I was given free apps on my next visit - pretty good!), I never felt totally comfortable there again...

          Will I miss Barrio? Nope, not a bit.

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          1. re: seeldee

            I hate to agree with you, because I used to love the place, but things certainly had changed at Barrio. Perhaps they're closed for renovations?

            1. re: ostracario

              I'm so depressed it was our usual brunch spot - the neptune benedict with crab and those little deep fried homefries with chipolte mayo were delicious. Drat.

            2. re: seeldee

              That's funny - our chicken cutlet at brunch a few months ago was severely overcooked. Other than that, I had always said Barrio has the best brunch in town. They once served me a perfect crepe with figs, and a perfect fruit salad on the side. It was beyond excellent that day.

            3. answering machine says closed for renos. opening back up again late january.