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Jan 5, 2008 10:56 AM

Won Ton Soup Phx/East Valley?

LOVED the won ton soup from the Bamboo Club over at the Biltmore, but to my dismay they have closed. Tried it from their location in Tempe but it was completely different (and not as good).

Anybody know of a place to get good won ton soup in the Phoenix or East Valley area ???

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  1. there's a Bamboo Club at Desert Ridge Mall.

    1. By the way, traditional Wonton Soup is made with shrimp shells and dried shrimp roe. I have not seen any restaurants do that in Phoenix. Closest for authentic Wonton soup will still be in California.

      1. I just had a fantastic Vietnamese-style won ton soup at Ha Noi Pho, a new place on Ray Road at Kyrene. It's in the former Wang's, just down from Teakwood's and Performance Bicycle. It has the clear noodles and egg noodles as well as won ton, shrimp and calamari. I also really liked their pho; it didn't taste gamey like some I've had. Prices are low, too.