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Jan 5, 2008 10:46 AM

Next weekend in NO (and Slidell?)

Hi there -- seeking advice on a food and entertainment itinerary for next weekend. We are not super-gourmet types, so will give board favorites like Brigtsen's, Stella, August et al a miss.

Arriving late Friday (11p or later) to our Warehouse district hotel -- if we are peckish, MiLa's bar for a bite? How far is the Delachaise?

Next day, thinking about Cafe du Monde for breakfast or skipping breakfast altogether for an early lunch at Central Market. No real plans that day except bouncing around the Quarter. Would like to do Irene's for dinner -- should we plan on getting there early to avoid the wait? That evening we are thinking about going to the Rock n Bowl to see Kermit Ruffins (would love feedback on whether the trip is worth it) -- are there other dinner choices on the way to or near by the Rock n Bowl?

Sunday we have a brunch reservation at Commander's but we're not wedded to the plan. We might prefer po boys for a more lunch-type place, so please suggest. Alternatively, we were hoping to see a parade, but apparently the only parade next weekend is Krewe of Slidellians in Slidell. Is it worth the trip?? Any good eats in Slidell if we do go there? At a parade, can you buy food on the route, especially King Cake and other "typical" Mardi Gras food? Can we take public transport from NO to Slidell or would we need a car?

Sunday night we'd like to go to Preservation Hall, so thinking about dinner nearby. Thoughts include Cafe Adelaide, Meauxbar Bistro, even Acme, but would appreciate suggestions!

Thanks all!

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  1. Delachaise is walkable, if you really like to walk, but I'm not sure I'd do it that late at night. A cab would only be a couple of bucks. Go there or to Coop's Place.

    Central Market and Irene's sounds like a lovely day of eating to me. I'd go to CdM just for the coffee, though you might as well get a single order of beignets to split.

    Rock n Bowl is great fun, and Kermit Ruffins is so New Orleans. You could take the streetcar up Canal to Mandina's for supper (very good fried seafood and turtle soup, and lots of other stuff), then cab it the rest of the way to RnB. Or take the streetcar on St. Charles to Riverbend, lots of dinner options there, then cab it up Carrollton to RnB.

    Hahahaha! Public transportation! Sorry. No, no way to get to Slidell without a car. Not worth the trip over there for their Mardi Gras parade (sorry slidellians, I'm sure it's very fun). King cake is not for sale along the route. Mostly you'll get burgers or maybe jambalaya or red beans at bars along the route. I don't think there are really "typical" Mardi Gras foods, except for King Cake.

    I'm not a big jazz afficionado, but I found Preservation Hall pretty boring. You file in, sit and listen. No tables, no drinks, etc. I prefer Frenchman St. with a long list of bars with live music, many of them with no or small cover. More modern stuff, usually, than PH, too. And you can go to Adolfo's for dinner. Have fun!

    1. Take a cab to Delachaise or MiLa - don't walk at night. MiLa's menu is now available on line. You might want to check it out. Delachaise is great. Chef Chris will take the time to help you order (if he can). They have an impressive cheese menu, too. Cafe Adelaide has always been good to me so you should like it. In your area you will also find Rio Mar, Tommy's, Cochon, Hipstix, Ernst Cafe, Rock n Sake, Red Eye, Lucy's and Ugly Dog.

      1. If you have never seen a Mardi Gras parade and this is your only chance, definately go!!! There are two excellent dining options in that neck of the woods: Sal and Judy's and La Provence. You'll have a blast, it's a short drive. And if you've never been, (I know it's a tourist trap but it's definately fun to see) - Pat O'brien's Piano Bar.

        1. I'll be in the parade in Slidell, BTW. My wife's aunt is the queen of the parade, and she got us a couple of spots on a float.

          Another vote for Sal & Judy's in Slidell. A new place that opened recently is Janie Brown's. It's in Lacombe, just down 90 from Slidell. We had lunch there last month, and it was really good.