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Apr 13, 2001 03:53 PM

bistro 21

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i tried getting a reservation for this restaurant numerous times to no avail. is it really worth the effort for people who have been there. it's even booked solid on weekday nights, which is quite surprising. also, does anyone know if the place has a counter or bar seats where you can have dinner, if all the tables are filled? i would be happy to eat at the bar, if possible. thanks.

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  1. Sorry, haven't been there myself but I did just read (in Los Angeles Mag,I think) that Bistro 21 only has 7 tables in the entire place...which might be why it's so tough to get a reservation!

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      I've been there, it's small, I think there's a few more than seven tables, but the restaurant isn't very large (but larger than the nearby Restaurant Scampi). I think it's good, but hardly "booked solid" good. They do have bar seating, and it seems quite cozy. I'd go there to peruse the very decent wine list and their creative desserts. But I wouldn't bust my butt trying to get into that Bistro 21. I don't think it's going anywhere.