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Jan 5, 2008 10:40 AM

Little Owl Cafe?

When I came out of Bloom on Pico last night after a good dinner, across the street was a white neon sign for the Little Owl Cafe - Breakfast Lunch Dinner. Any info on Little Owl? Any reports?

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  1. Its a great little place for continental cuisine. Order at the front counter like (earth cafe) then find a table and wait for your food to be brought to your table. Breakfast starts at 7am so I stop by on the way to work. So far so good. I believe they just opened. Not well known yet, but great food.

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      The restaurant is definitely promising. I found the pasta alfredo just great, and surprisingly high quality fresh mixed green salads. The place feels a little strange when you first walk in - but warms up immediately. The menu is ambitious but they are trying hard and whoever is behind the cooking knows what they are doing.

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      1. I was a bit put off by the odd atmosphere but every time I go back there I like it more. I am a real foodie and it is not by any means gourmet but I have had a great burrito filled with chopped grilled veggies and chicken (I added Chicken to their veggie veggie burrito.) It was great. the balsamic dressing is fab. My son had a great simple pasta with red sauce. I also thought some of the salads were very good and more interesting by far than Bloom. Bloom is so so organicy and complex that often I can't find one thing I like there. This place so far is great regular food. Let's support them and maybe they will catch on to make this place even cooler.

        By the way, I also asked them to chop my salad and they said, "Well we don't do that but this is your kitchen so we will do it."